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Thread for misc Jazz News leading up to training camp

Most years we'd be 1 week from training camp. This year they start a week later -- maybe because of FIBA or maybe just because. So still two weeks to go.
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Has anyone ever been in a shelter? Maybe it was just a Texas thing or a 10-years-ago thing but I believe the only chihuahuas in the world are in shelters. It was honestly similar to seeing millions of used Chumbawamba CDs for sale at your local Graywhale or other record store in the early 2000s. I’m not sure why they kept buying them with how big of a supply they had.

They neighbors behind me have 2 of them. They suck. If they are outside then we cant even go in our backyard or its non stop barking.
Mutts are much healthier and better dogs. Pure breeds have too much inbreeding. These pure blood lines for akc or whatever should stop.

Agreed. I will probably never own a pure bred dog again.
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This is our guy. A Samoyed. He’s awesome, and so much fur. So much fur…
My daughter and son-in-law have one of those. They are sweet dogs. Crazy energetic and yeah, insane amounts of fur. Like what seems like the dogs weight in fur every month or something. Crazy.