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Thread for misc Jazz News leading up to training camp

Is it only Wednesday?

I knew it was in Hawaii but I didn’t realize until yesterday that this was in Laie at BYU Hawaii.
I'm sure Hardy won't be entirely opposed to playing Keyonte and Sexton together, but I can't see Danny keeping Sexton on for too long if Keyonte is actually an advanced rookie
This was a pretty good listen. Starts around 4 minutes in.

View: https://www.youtube.com/live/HrlkQrwJGU8?si=gs-aEBNU1VfGMuz3

Some good stuff in there.

Hardy talking about integrating John Collins into the frontcourt a lot in that one. Most time he spent on any subject apart from staff introduction. Definitely showing where his mind is at right now.

Also he basically repeated my "Vando 2.0" comments exactly, even mentioning Vando by name. It should now be obvious to everyone that he represents an archtype they want to have in this roster.