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Top 10 Jazz plays via streetball.com

How can you not put Boozer's put back at Portland in there? 25 Point comeback to send the game to OT, that was better than D-Will's shot against the Thunder. I'd put that at #2 and D-Will's shot at #3. That only had two of Boozer's five monster throw downs. He had monster throw downs on Haslem, Tyrus Thomas, (two of the guys people wanted to trade him for, rofl), and McGee. I think the one on McGee was the best, and I was at that game.

And for whatever reason, Fes started a game which I think was against the Raptors and he scored the first four points. One of them was on a steal and turned into a uncontested fast break. I would have put that on the bottom of the list.
That clip made me miss the Jazz. I don't miss Reggie Miller's voice, however.
Like Sloanfield said, Boozer's putback against Portland should've been there and I think all the way up at 2
Anyone remember who played a key role in the Blazer's comeback?

That was a big night for Fesenko. Got 25 minutes, had a +/- of +20 and got a couple blocks, dunks, and boards. Boozer's put-back was nice, but Fes was in that game in crunch-time for a reason.