Tough Day To Be In Law Enforcement

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But remember, blue lives matter and they’re not racism and they really do care about accountability...

I want to hear a rational argument as to why these law enforcement agencies are doing this. Law enforcement in this country act like assholes and then whine that citizens believe they’re assholes.

here’s the other story I’ve been paying attention to:

I’m sure law enforcement agencies will be pushing to pass a bill into law that would make police showing inappropriate photos of victims a crime. Cuz, after all, Utah law enforcement agencies care about people and aren’t assholes and stuff. I’d love to be proven wrong on this. But somehow, I doubt it. Law enforcement in this state and country talk a good game but their actions are the opposite. Time and time again they’ve proven to only care about protecting their own.

Anyone else been following this poor woman’s story? It hits home to me as I was on Utah’s campus in class the night she was murdered. The way the campus police have treated this poor woman and her family is just unreal.
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