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Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey

Can’t wait to see what other dog **** trades we have lined up for the other vets!

Two of Clarkson, Conley, Beasley basically have to be moved to balance the roster and open up PT. We have Sexton, Ochai, Beasley, THT, NAW, and Butler to play.
Agreed. And maybe olynyk gets cut or is the 3rd stringer (i hope).
Cant believe anything gms say about players.

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KO ain't getting cut... he might be our starting center. I think they wanted KO.

And he might have value at the deadline or next year in the draft. I think they got a vet they liked, at a position that was open, and most important... it saved some money. Pretty dumb to not extract at least a couple seconds for Bogey.
If there is no draft pick then i don’t understand. Can someome make this make sense?
I guess the value could simply be that it makes us worse and therefore improves our own 2023 draft pick.

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Must be more moves coming. Too many pieces in play right now for us to just waive them all. Might be gaining assets to complete the blockbuster Lakers trade or something.
I believe we traded to the Cavs because that’s where the most value was… but, I can absolutely believe we traded with Det as a big screw you to Bogey.

That’s how odd this trade is.
I forgot about Royce. I was referring to Ingles/NAW, THT, and this.

I’m still not entirely sold on the Donovan return either, and I cannot be convinced it wasn’t done without vindictiveness.

I had no problem with the ingles trade. He wasnt helping us last year and it would really suck to have him on this tanking roster.
I forget what we even gave up for THT.
This trade does suck bad though for sure.

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At least with the THT deal you could reason that Ainge really liked THT, and saw something there others didn't. There is no reasonable explanation for this, it's just terrible.

We couldn't even get some seconds out of the deal? Really? We waited until basically the last possible moment and this is the best deal we could get?

If we really wanted a veteran center (which doesn't make any sense) then just sign Zeller to a deal, or at least wait to see what he is like in camp. Now we're going to cut a guy like JB to get down to 15.

The only way this deal gets redeemable is if there is another great deal in the works that requires us to take on extra salary that would push us over the tax.
I actually understand this one more than the THT deal. KO is one of Danny's guys so I think he thinks much more of him than any of us or other teams would. We saved money in this deal and have a minimal obligation next year... THT is surely opting in next year... he's not good. We also did that trade at a really weird time.
I truly hate everything about this trade. I get we wanted to open up some minutes/a bigger role for Simone, Lauri, and Ochai.... I guess? But the key to the tank for me is having one position where we are absolute dog ****. That position was center... KO is a solid center option where we primarily had rookies and projects.

I actually like Saben Lee but I like him in a way that is like "oh we signed Saben Lee to a minimum deal".

This is the **** that drove me nuts in the DL era... leaving **** on the table. Could have snaked a few seconds in this deal or the THT deal. We could use those seconds to dump salaries if that is what we need to do.

Ain't gonna spin any bigger theories here... we just do weird **** sometimes I guess.

Could we cut KO?

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No way... this seems like a big Danny move. Kelly is one of his guys so he is clearly valuing him higher than anyone else in the FO. This wreaks of a Ryan move... we can do one of two trade... move Bogey for a first but it might put us near the tax and might cost some additional salary next year... or we can get this vet that will save us some money now... Ryan chose the save money now option.
meh, can't give ainge all the credit when a great trade happens and blame smith when a bad trade happens. this on ainge 100%.

also, the fact KO is one of ainge's guys makes this even worse. at some point you have to what is good for your organization forget about your "guys". as somebody said earlier, KO is a guy who could have helped the Jazz 3 or 4 years ago when they were trying to win. that's when you go get your guys.
3 of 5 were good
Good: Don, Rudy, Royce
Bad: Bev, Bogey
3 for 6 overall in the Ainge era (NAW/Ingles)... its a Yin and Yang thing... must have balance or the trade gods will get mad at us I guess.
No picks and one extra player added to the roster. Now we have to cut SEVERAL players to finalize the 15 man roster. The rotation chart next year is gonna be a ***********.
meh, can't give ainge all the credit when a great trade happens and blame smith when a bad trade happens. this on ainge 100%.
I said its a big Ainge move... I think Ryan's stink is all over it though.
I'm not even sure it makes us worse... the drop off from Bogey to Lauri/Simone may not be as big as the drop off between Kessler/Doke and KO.

This is not a tank move imo. This hurts the tank.

Eh, i think it helps the tank. Bogey is better than anyone you mentioned (durable and highly competitive too) and another tank team got better. It helps the tank imo. Not by a lot but a little bit.
Still a stupid trade.

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Yeah, that strikes me as a big miss from the FO.

Don't really get it for Detroit either, but at least they got better value.