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Trade Confirmed: Jazz get jack for Bogey


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how many trade exceptions do the jazz have now? What is the point? How long can the jazz use these?


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I have to think there were 3-4 better trades than this out there that includes some sort of first rounder, though likely protected.

I HAVE to think this is part of something bigger….or I’m choosing to believe Dennis Lindsey had it in his severance that he got to make one more trade on behalf of the Jazz. One of your better ones, If so, @DL.


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It’s pretty clear at this point that the Timberwolves just bent over for Ainge and they got more than they ever thought possible.

I really think Ainge makes this **** too personal and when his A deal doesn’t go way he wants, he makes deals so he can “sure show them”. And all the while sours everyone along the way.

This is an atrocious trade. Easily top-5 most pure trash.

I guess we playing 12D chess cuz the Pistons get too good to tank and we really just brought back nothing.