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Today is my 10 year marriage anniversary.
10 years ago my wife and I were in Miami for one night and leaving on a cruise the next day.
We went to a sports bar for dinner and to watch byu play #3 ranked Oklahoma in the first football game in the new Dallas cowboys stadium. Byu pulled off some magic that night.

He we are on the night of my 10 year anniversary playing a ranked team as underdogs in a stadium that got new additions to it over the summer.

Hoping magic will happen again

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I'm watching Clemson just absolutely destroy GT right now. I know it the first game of the year but if Utah is really a top team they should be able to handle these guys tonight. Personally I'm not buying the hype just yet.


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You watch BYU and their offense is creative and moving the ball. You watch Ludwig and it's the same predictable ****. I hope he proves me wrong but I think it was a typical "do as I say" hire by Whit. T


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This looks like every BYU v Utah game in recent memory. BYU outplays Utah for large portions of the game but chokes in the biggest moments leading to a Utah win.

Guess I'll go to bed. I got work tomorrow. I can catch this same exact game and result next year anyway.