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Walker Kessler highlights

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I just finished watching some of his highlights and he is a better prospect than I thought. He isn't very explosive but he is big and moves his feet really well.

lmao @ 0:55

If people get mad at Rudy for not dunking when it seems like he should, people going to be furious at a guy who cant even dunk when traffic is clear like that.


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Agree with dbag. The kid looks like a complete stiff. I hope I’m wrong. Very uncoordinated. Awful leverage—dude needs to lower his hips. Not very athletic. Whatevs. He was a semi-throw in. Maybe a year in the g league will do him wonders.

Comps wise he reminds me of a worse version of some big Illinois had like 10-20 years ago. Maybe from that Deron team, I forget.


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It was brought to my attention that Kessler was drafted by Memphis with our pick from the Conley trade before he was traded to Minnesota. So essentially we spent another 1st on a lumbering center.


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For what it's worth, the comps from the Ringer (KOC) were Poetl & Jarrett Allen:

  • At 245 pounds with a 7-foot-5 wingspan, he blocks 4.5 shots per game, swatting everything in sight around the rim while avoiding fouls. He’s so big and yet so nimble, fluidly changing directions to act as a deterrent. Opponents don’t even bother testing him. Factor in his discipline and IQ, and he has a chance to become one of the game’s best defenders.
  • He’s primarily a drop defender in the pick-and-roll but has shown the agility to get stops on the perimeter. He’s comfortable sliding his feet away from the basket and has elite body control, slamming the breaks then pivoting directions to stay with attackers.
  • Competitive rebounder who boxes out on defense. When he gobbles up defensive boards he does a nice job of locating his outlet with a pass.
  • Good finisher inside with soft hands and the leaping ability to clean up around the rim. He’s so smooth off the catch, there’s never any wasted motion to allow a defense the time to strip the ball.
  • Sets solid screens and has a good feel for a big’s responsibilities, utilizing dribble handoffs and passing to cutters inside.
  • A modern big with chops as a ball handler and playmaker thanks to his training. Bigs are now raised doing guard drills. By no means will he run an offense, but he can make plays when needed.
  • Comes from a basketball family—his brother played in college, his dad played overseas, and his uncle played four years in the NBA.
  • Has shot just 21.6 percent from 3 and 57.6 percent from the line in college. He was a better shooter in high school, though never a knockdown threat.
  • He’s not an incredibly explosive player and has struggled in some matchups against physical and lengthy defenders.
  • Lacks an advanced set of post moves.
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One of the more interesting tidbits about him is his 14.7% body-fat Combine measurement. Though I'm never quite sure what to think about body-fat measurements, maybe this relatively high number suggests potential (if you could somehow get him to follow a Gobert-like training regimen) for more athletic improvement than the average player might have?

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Okay... super weird thing... he is right handed, but blocks shots a ton with his left hand. Are we going to have a "are we sure he shoots with the right hand?" discussion.


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Okay... super weird thing... he is right handed, but blocks shots a ton with his left hand. Are we going to have a "are we sure he shoots with the right hand?" discussion.
What hand does he pee with? That's an actual question I was asked when I was a kid. I was right handed but shot lefty.

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