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Walker Kessler highlights


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Dude looks like Matt Harpring's illigitimate child. Must be a Georgia look. He has a bit of an attitude to him. I like that in a big guy. Sure looks taller than 7'0" to me.


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Kessler will be a relatively scheme-limited player. Teams in the draft that want to use more versatile, switch-heavy defensive strategies shouldn’t consider drafting him. He doesn’t have that capability, and even if he develops it, it’s certainly not going to be how he’s best used. On top of that, while he is a genuinely elite shot blocker, I don’t know that he’s an exceptional enough as an overall defender for teams to overhaul their defensive schemes to get him on the court. With all that being said, he needs to go to a team that is willing to play a consistent drop coverage scheme that allows him to showcase his length and rim protection in the paint. It would also help him to go to a place that has a strong lead guard in place. He’s more of a regular-season player than a playoff guy, but there is real value in being able to soak up those minutes and provide value in those games. If you believe in him getting to the point where he can be a real, consistent 3-point shooter, maybe there is some upside for him to be able to punish opponents enough from the outside to play him and thus get use out of his defensive rim protection in the playoffs. But for now, he’s more of a late-first, early-second round guy who likely plays in the NBA for a long while without consistently starting.

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You were clearly watching different highlights than me. He looks like he can finish around the rim and is a great shotblocker. He is by no means an explosive leader but you don't have to be when you are that big.

So yeah he can’t jump

Release the Kraken

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Ironic that along with the role players and the mystery chest, we also get the young player with perhaps the best opportunity to be the next Rudy Gobert.