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Ya I think it should be on there. It's about the dude that helped Alex in free solo. The dude and some buddies were climbing somewhere in the middle East or something and got taken at gunpoint by some guys and the climbers ended up pushing their kidnappers off a cliff in order to escape
The dude loses some fingers on one of his hands and then decides he is going to climb a portion of El Capitan that no one has ever climbed before. Alex wouldn't dare attempt to climb it cause it would mean guaranteed death.
They use ropes for this climb so it's not as tense since it's not life or death but the difficulty of the route for the climb they do actually makes it more exciting imo. It's insane ****. They sleep on the wall and everything and it takes them weeks to do their climb. The degree of difficulty is unlike anything I have ever seen

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Based fairly closely on the actual battle. Has Ragnor from Vikings in it.
Beattie wrote the script for one of my favorite films. Collateral. So good. Little fled here and there but really well written, filmed and tense. Great music too and amazing gun skills from Cruise.


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Avoid Uncut Gems unless you like manufactured drama, constant yelling, no time to breath , one of the least likeable Adam Sandler characthers, and a ridiculous betting storyline. Im surprised KG agreed to be in this garbage.