What's The Last Movie You’ve Seen?

Wes Mantooth

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Meh. I get it. Anyone who makes good money is evil. The working person has it so tough and deserves more because, well, they scream from the rooftops. It’s been beat to death. And I’m supposed to love this because...it’s all women in it. Keep it. So far as movies go, it was average. Seeing it now, media fanfare for it when it came out is laughable.


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I watched The Lincoln Lawyer last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not a big Matthew McConaughey fan but thought he did a great job. Enjoyed the twists and the entire cast.

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Wes Mantooth

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Edge of Seventeen—liked it quite a bit, cried a little
Free Fire—solid cast, okay. Sort of meh.
Haywire—got halfway through this before my son woke. Liked it quite a bit.


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I know it's been mentioned on here but I did finally watch ' Color out of Space'. This one took a little while to grab me. I enjoyed Cage going full Cage mode, but nothing else stood out...up until a creature is created involving two of the characters and it is effectively disturbing. That changed the movie for me. It has a similar premise to 'Annihilation' but is nowhere near as good.

I also watched 'Doctor Sleep', I really enjoyed it. I'm a fan of Flanagan and he does a great job of bringing his own ideas and visual style to the table. There are several scenes from this that are really great. It's a sequel but stands up as it's own thing, up until a point. I think he got a bit carried away at the end.


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Beanpole. 2019 Russian drama set in Lenningrad shortly after the WW2. Story of two young women coping with war traumas and searching for sense of existance in new reality. Intense and emotional movie with great acting and nice visual work. Pretty heavy but worth watching.


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Watched Old Guard on Netflix.

It's fine if you crave some action, Charlize Theron kills it as always. The premise was good but ultimately not enough depth and dialogue felt too clunky at times. Nice hook for a sequel, though. It could get better with sequels or if it was a series.