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Will trader Danny trade up?

Will trader Danny trade up?

  • Yes: Scoot/Miller (Please specify)

    Votes: 3 7.3%
  • Yes: Amen, Ausar, Cam Whitmore, Jarace Walker (Please specify)

    Votes: 12 29.3%
  • Yes: Other (Please specify)

    Votes: 4 9.8%
  • No

    Votes: 22 53.7%

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I don’t think it will be worth it to trade up. I think Cam, Jarace, Amen, and Ausar good prospects but not guys that are can’t miss. Tbf, haven’t spent enough time on a lot of guys who feel out of reach.

Having said that, I think there’s a good chance we do. Cam has Ainge written all over him, and I could also see him buying into one of the twins. If Danny thinks any of these guys are decently better than who we can get at #9 he will pull the trigger.
Ok so 50% of me thinks we might trade away our top pick to get a win-now piece and the reason for that is its our best leverage piece we would be willing to give away (Lauri and Kessler are the only pieces with better leverage in a deal).

On the other hand 50% of me thinks we will stay patient and look for good bargains and FA's without any urgency to make trades this offseason and just use our picks where they stand.
If they hit on all three just imagine how deep this team could be since that’s three players on rookie deals.
the odds of which are so bad ,that the odds DA does in fact trade out of the 2nd pick which has good not great value as is, or more likely the less valuable late first to some team lacking any firsts or something this draft at minimum,for a win now player, is optimal and highly likely.
With the only exception being someone fell to that spot that was just to high of a floor to pass on, given the rookie value contract.
There will be plenty of interested teams in the wolves pick, not sure anyone will care about the late first unless they are in cap hell and want to trade down. Maybe we can package 27 and a pick swap down the road to move up 5 spots or something , and then take that pick and the Wolves pick and send them to a team unloading vets in the name of a teardown
I believe Ainge has enough ammo in his warchest to trade into the top 7 of this draft and potentially also acquire a protected pick for '24.
I'd be all in on somehow snagging a high potential big wing from this draft (Whitmore, Miller, or a Thompson Twin). Anything beyond that is gravy. Most of the other holes on this team can eventually be filled thru trades but the Jaylen Brown archetype isn't walking thru the door even with Ainge's draft capital.
Sometimes I think it might be more likely they trade out, not up. Not completely out, but at least one pick out. With the West being so weak right now DA might see an opportunity to grab a vet upgrade.

The DFS smoke looms in my brain.
Sometimes I think it might be more likely they trade out, not up. Not completely out, but at least one pick out. With the West being so weak right now DA might see an opportunity to grab a vet upgrade.

The DFS smoke looms in my brain.
I agree. We trade #1 (Wemby via Wolves), 76ers pick, Lakers, and 4 other pics (+Gay) for Luka.

With #2 we get Miller.
I don't think he'll trade up. And I'm confident DL, DA and JZ will come to a consensus on a few draft steals.
I don't think he will trade up into the top 3 because he won't make available what teams are willing to trade out of premium spots justify it for, aka the Finnisher.
If he is somehow willing to move on from the Finnisher, it would have to be for the 2nd overall .
But why in the hell would he trade him unless the Finnisher wants out for no good reason, besides us tanking the end of his potential all nba season.
I do think we might see DA pull off some fleecing deal but I doubt it is a trade up if anything out or down is where the $ is hiding
I’d like to see the jazz draft three players. Danny has a great draft track record. Then, don’t make the team better beyond that do some tanking and some getting guys some experience and progression and **** over OKC. Wait for Markkanen to get a hang nail and shut him down for the season.

I would be pretty disappointed if we traded up but that probably has more to do with me being really high on about 15 players being projected outside the lottery in most mocks.
I keep reading up and watching as much as I can on Amen. I think this is one of the strangest evaluations I can remember. You're basically drafting him straight out of HS, OTE is basically an AAU tournament, but he has the age of a college sophomore.

This is probably the best writeup I've read on him: https://theboxandone.substack.com/p/amen-thompson-2023-nba-draft-scouting
I know people really like the twins, but I’m not high on either of them. I have them both rated below Walker & Whitaker. I could probably be talked into Grady Dick and Taylor Henderson as well.