Your favourite Jerry Sloan quotes

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And this one from today's Deseret News: "Whenever you're always bent over grabbing your pants, it's pretty hard to think about what you're doing."


When asked about a player's birthday party, and what type of party he'd like "I think for me, a hoedown would be more appropriate" (not exact but he said something along those lines)

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Really? And in the Sloan Quotes thread?

Imagine his post wrapped in quotes.

If that doesn't help. Imagine his post wrapped in quotes with a "-Jerry Sloan" at the end.

If that still doesn't help, imagine this:

"Boozer hurt again? How long this time?" - Jerry Sloan


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....most recent Sloan quote? Today: Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan was asked if playing at Miami and Orlando was one of the toughest back-to-back games in the league considering the high-profile franchises. "You mean because of the weather?" Sloan joked. "It's a 20-minute flight. It's not so bad."