Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.

Wes Mantooth

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Watched this about a week ago. Got some good breakfast ideas. Did the one with sourdough, olive oil, avocado, etc. It was excellent despite having meh pre-sliced sourdough rather than the fresh stuff. Also, I didn’t have black sesame seeds so I substituted Everything bagel spices. Really, really good.

Gonna do the candied apples over French toast type recipe next.

Archie Moses

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This guy is a travel blogger over europe, asia, africa but he doesn't do the tourist spots and big cities so its a lot different. Just gets into the real basic places in a lot of these countries. And a lot of these countries look like hell on earth. Makes me appreciate the good old USA a lot more.

I love Bald and Bankrupt. I've been watching him since he was living in India. One of the most social people on earth.