Youtube videos to pass the time. Add some good ones.


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Many, many hours of James Baldwin interviews. He was a fantastic speaker and writer, and spoke from a place of great love.



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Very entertaining.

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Reading my comment in that post I think it was a little unclear. The videos contain a good deal of content for essentially being historical "cliff's notes" but there aren't a ton of videos and the channel seems to put out a video around once every 4 months.

But if you're interested in the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, WWI, WWII, The Cold War, Henry VIII and the Bucket War he's got you covered, along with an awesome Three Kingdoms video and some shorter videos about more minor wars, like the Falklands.

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I went to see the Bartlett Rock Art just 15 minutes from Moab and I highly recommend going if you're in the area. The pictographs date back 2000 years and were done by either the Anasazi or the Fremont Native American. This place was special and had such a peaceful and sacred vibe to it. I love hiking to see either pictographs, petroglyphs and ruins. Utah is so damn cool. There are so many cool things to see.