2019 Trade Deadline Discussion


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I think they held onto their pieces too long. The returns aren't going to be good. On a lesser extent they were stubborn last year when they literally wouldn't trade Tyreke for anything because the packages were "only 2nd round picks" and just let him go for nothing instead. Seems similar. They don't want to trade these past franchise cornerstones for salary relief and a meh pick.
Sounds like Utah a couple years ago.


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I think we will be justified in being upset if we didn't make moves this deadline. I'm officially worried.
I'm worried too. I feel like we definitely need to make a move now because I don't see a good move being made in free agency.

But I'm also very optimistic we get something done.

Looking at the Conley situation...
- The Raptors are no longer pursuing Mike Conley according to theScore

- The Pistons have been "priced out" according to theScore

- The Pacers offered a young player and a vet but were met with a counter offer they felt was ridiculous.

Jazz bidding against themselves?

Looking at Mirotic...
- The Sixers traded for Harris so they're out.

Looks like just Jazz and Blazers. If the Jazz land Conley I could see DL getting aggressive for Mirotic too.

Reasons for optimism


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I really like Porter but I feel like his addition made more sense the summer Hayward left. He doesn’t have the body to play 4, which he’d need to on the Jazz. Unless we are planning on moving Ingles to the bench. Porter only weighs 205 pounds which is less than Donovan. Hard to picture him playing 4 against all teams.

On the other side of this, our assets may be otherwise tied up for other trades (ie. Conley and Mirotic)

Jack Strop

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Good trade fof both teams, imo. I doubt WA picks up Jabari's option for next year. Replacing OP's salary with Portis allows them to avoid the tax.

Chicago has to pay up to the floor one way or another, so absorbing OP is no problem.

Its a win-win despite some on here thinkinf Parker is a god. Cmon you ******* Mormons. Arent you guys mad he shunned BYU?


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I’m ok missing on Porter. I’m ok missing on Conley. I’m not ok missing on everything. Basically nightmare scenario where everyone in the summer reassured how valuable all our expiring salary would be.


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I feel like we get someone, but it won't be someone previously discussed.
Seems most likely, although the Conley situation seems very possible.

But recent trades came out of the blue: Hood for Crowder, Burks for Korver.