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Utah was a slave state and not only a slave state, but mormons were brutal to the slaves. Brigham Young ordered extermination orders of local native Americans and they captured and sold the natives into slavery.

Mormon doctrine was that black people were black because they sinned in the premortal life and that blacks would be slaves in heaven. It was god’s form of mercy toward the less valiant in the pre-existence.
Are you saying Utah was a slave state before the Civil War? If so Utah wasn't a state until 1896 and was not counted as a slave state in the sense of North vs South slave states. Many states had slaves but were not considered slave states during the time before and during the civil war. It was Brigham Young who really cemented the racism in mormonism. He was pro slavery and a racist. Joseph Smith ran on a anti-slavery platform and baptized and ordained blacks to the priesthood. He would not seal them in the temple. I am sure like most people during that time JS had his prejudices but BY was certainly a racist. The doctrine about blacks being inferior and cursed in the pre-existence was used to implement the racism doctrine that blacks were cursed with darkened skin. I am sure this probably may have influenced some blacks to pass on Utah but it mostly had more to do with economics.


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True. But a number of large corporations have left CA in the past decade. The LA area in particular was hit hard. Northern CA has been more resilient due to high tech.
Several have left because of the cost of living and having to pay people more to afford rent in CA. With all that CA is still an economic powerhouse in the world.


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Exactly. We kept saying nobody would pick up his option and he’d be a FA and we could get him without sacrificing assets.
Who? Either way it's irrelevant since he IS a FA this offseason. Jazz could give up assets to have him walk and/or get overpaid. #NoToNiko


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Man, they must love the guy because if this is the case, they are letting Mem draw this out and potentially miss on other options.

I really like the guy.....but, not THAT much to let this drag out and potentially miss altogether.
They must love him like we loved Hayward, then.