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2023 NBA Draft Megathread

I’ve prob watched WAY too much basketball in the last 2 days (family is out of town), and feel free to roast me as I’m prob overthinking this, but what if Scoot isn’t the 2nd best player in this draft when it’s all said and done?

Some big knocks are he’s actually a pretty poor outside shooter so far in the GLeague at 25% from 3. Also, his defensive rating is atrocious.

I watched a full game of his last night and the dude is WILD elite athletically and does things 18 YO’s shouldn’t be able to do against grown men in a mega competitive league (relative to college and OTE) but again, he has some pretty glaring issues mentioned above.

I watched Amen and Ausar last night too and they are freaks at their size and how they move. Their shots are also a question but they don’t have terrible looking form.

I wish they both would have opted to play in any league that doesn’t look like a 24hr Fitness pickup game.

Thank you for reading todays random draft thought.
I would take the field over scoot personally as 2nd best player, but he has the best odds out of any individual

But…..like a poor shooting Donovan with defense from last years playoffs as his ceiling?

I think his comp is actually close to Donovan. But again, if he's the 2nd option and not the first, it can work. If he tries to save the world with his heroball, then his team is going to have a ceiling.