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2023 NBA Draft Megathread

So a lot of people are high on JHS....I get it, but not for me. At least not at the late lottery grade that I've seen people giving him. I do understand the appeal of having a tall ball handler who can do a little bit of everything and one guy who I think is falling under the radar is Amari Bailey. He probably won't go in this year's draft if his stock stays the same....but I like him a lot as a mid/late second rounder compared to JHS in the lotto. He gives me Delon Wright vibes, and I love Delon. Definitely not the same level of prospect as Black, but if you can get him 30 spots later I think it's a great investment.
What I expect the Jazz to do: take a dive in the standings and go after Cam Whitmore with their first pick, then hope they can get Wallace or Hendricks with the Minny pick. I think they'll offer the Philly pick on the trade market.
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Black doesn't seem to be the level of bad shooter being mentioned. I think he projects to be passable.

Eh, I think it's a fair question mark. Low volume shooter, low percentages, not great from the line, not great from mid range, and not the prettiest form either. There's a lot to like about him, but he does not have great indicators as a shooter.
Jaime Jacquez is an interesting player with the last pick in the first round, especially if it's like 28/29/30.

I've been watching UCLA a little bit and I like Jaquez, Clark, and Bailey.

When people think about "high potential" outside of the lottery they usually default to the young players that have fallen because of poor play and/or guys with excellent measurables/athleticism. But I'm not sure that's the right way to look like potential. Seems like a lot of the guys who do actually pop later in the draft are older. Bane is the recent one that comes to mind. Jacquez would probably be my pick of late first/early second guys who could pop this year.

I like his shot making ability, effort on defense, and at risk of stereotyping he does have the "sneaky" athleticism going on. He's not going to win a dunk contest, but he is a smooth leaper off of one foot.
If Taylor Hendricks measures out at 6'10" in shoes, he becomes really appealing. The question with him has been what he can do off the dribble, but if he's 6'10" he doesn't actually have to do much off the dribble. He'll just pick his spots and shoot over people like Anthony Davis does.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icm0eK_7_A4

This is dumb. He’s just good… he’s beyond appealing no matter what his measurements are.
Would Keyonte George fall to us at 8th?

Would Taylor Hendricks fall to TWolves pick at 16?

That would be a dream draft imo..

Walker Kessler
Lauri Markkanen
Taylor Hendricks
Ochai Agbaji
Keynote George

That’s a dream lineup going forward.
I'm reading the BR mock this morning (last updated Feb 27) and it has us taking Jalen Hood-Schifino with the Timberwolves pick. I've probably missed it, but don't remember much discussion about him in this thread. Living in Indiana, you would think I would know more about him, but I don't. Any thoughts on him?

It feels like there is an abundance of high level PG/Combo Guards in this draft. Hopefully we can get the right one since I don't love our free agent choices for that position.