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Being Fesenko's all-time #1 fan has its perks


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I caught up with the big guy himself this morning from his temporary home in Warsaw Poland. We talked all things Ukraine war, his most recent stint in Iran, and how his arms are so long they are like built-in selfie sticks.



He was drafted in the same draft that Mike Conley and Uncle Jeff were drafted. Time for DA to get the band back together.

He's effectively retiring. He played his last season in Iran but refuses to go back after the Iranian government sold drones to the Russians that were used in the winter attacks on electrical infrastructure.
I remember reading a Trib article about Larsen's interview with at the beginning of the war last year. I know healing can't really happen while your homeland is still at war, but I hope he is getting by. Did he mention if there is anything he wants to engage in now that he's effectively retired?