Best stuff on Netflix


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Finished A Letter for the King. 6 episodes.

I expected it to be way worse than it was so it may be the reason I enjoyed it. It's a classic medieval fantasy with magic and stuff. There are some "why would you do that moments?" but if you can look past some common gaps in storytelling, you can like it. Acting is good.

Also it was fun to watch Ruby Serkis, she carries much of the same charm her father does.


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The Forest. Decent horror flick with a storyline that could have easily been better. A couple of loose ends that didn't pull it all together in the end. Not bad though.


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Just started Dracula. It's a pretty good retelling of Bram stoker's original material. Intrigued so far.

Archie Moses

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Upload on Amazon has been watchable for me. It's cheesey and predictable but does a good job of showing the future to some degree (not the upload part.)


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I don't get how Fauda is getting 8/10 score on some websites. Just finished the first season and I find it completely average, a lot of very naive things. But there is one hot chick in it.