Conley to start soon.

Discussion in 'Utah Jazz' started by Hekate, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. The Thriller

    The Thriller Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    He was. He went on a rampage in the Game thread the other night. While most of us were becoming frustrated as denver went on a 10-0 run... 17-1 run... 24-1 run. He went off on how we should stop criticizing Conley. The actual losing was cheered in an effort to exonerate criticism of Conley. It was like the actual team and game didn’t matter. It became so obnoxious that I put him on ignore.

    It’s pretty sad when posters on here revel in our losses so they can “prove” their point that the criticism of exum, Conley, or whoever they have a fetish with, is unfair.
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  2. UtahJazz32

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    Feb 10, 2011
    he's worst than mediocre he is dante like
  3. jom2003

    jom2003 Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2014
    Everyone in the basketball world know the jazz FO blew it on the Conley trade, except for the FO themselves
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  4. Agent#00

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    Jan 3, 2020
    Who's going to come off the bench? Joe or Royce?
  5. nateboz

    nateboz Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2010
    He really is. They both had 1 magical quarter.

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  6. LogGrad98

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    Jul 7, 2010
    Shhhhh...he thinks he's alone behind his blinders
  7. ghsartin

    ghsartin Well-Known Member

    Aug 8, 2013
    I totally agree with you! Also, I think that Conley developed his skills in a direction that is not particularly helpful to this particular Jazz team. By having the ball on his hands so much and having freedom to do whatever he fancied in Memphis, Conley never focused on having one or two moves/plays that totally mastered. He actually went in the opposite direction: he can hit floaters with either hand, finish while jumping with either leg, he can shoot the 3 and the 2 but is no especialist from any particular spot, etc... He can do all these moves/plays, but is not particularly good a at any of them. As a result, as his athleticism decreases, he is, let's say, trapped in a sort of limbo, where a specific role cannot really be assigned to him. He can still play, off course, but any coach would have difficult playing him, especially on a good team.
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  8. Thee jazz fan

    Thee jazz fan Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2010
    We’ve traded 4 first round draft picks on pg’s the last three years. Almost like the Detroit Lions drafting wr’s year after year and failing. I support Conley because he wears the colors and think he needs time to gel, but my god we gave up a **** ton for a guy that could fall off a cliff due to age, and these injuries could potentially keep him from regaining his form in Utah while burning a hole in the jazz wallet and assets. I hate that we gave up two picks for a guy we’d only have for two years or less. The only way we save face on this trade is if he helps us win a title, otherwise the jazz were raked over the coals. Why the hell did we give two firsts for a guy Memphis didn’t need or want?

    this is exactly why I didn’t want the jazz to deal with Memphis for Conley
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  9. jope

    jope Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2010
    To be fair to Dwill, his first full season with New Jersey was injury plagued just like Conleys has been. He still averaged 21 and 9 on 41%/34% with a 20.3 PER, 2.1 VORP.

    Conley has been a middling role player at best so far, averaging 12 and 4 on 37%/33% with an 11.8 PER, 0.0 VORP.
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  10. Wes Mantooth

    Wes Mantooth Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2015
    At least the Lions hit a grand slam with Calvin Johnson and single with Roy Williams.
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  11. The Thriller

    The Thriller Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    I seem to remember many posters this past summer voicing concerns over Conley’s size, age, and durability. He’s no spring chicken. Perhaps... I know this might come as a yewge disappointment to some of you... But perhaps he’s lost a step or two?

    And those who claim that players don’t “magically start sucking in one year” obviously haven’t been paying attention to sports. Father Time hits and when he hits hard.

    Duncan, Dirk, Kobe, Tracy Mcgrady, Steve Nash, and Allen Iverson are all players that I remember as being dominate and then suddenly sucking. Some of its due to injury. But Dirk and Duncan especially come to mind as players who looked like they still had some gas left in the tank and then suddenly falling off.

    And that’s just talking about basketball. We could go into football. Ever heard of the Manning brothers? One in particular, was a Hall or Famer. However, in his final year with Denver, he could barely throw the ball more than 10 yards downfield. It was a sad spectacle to watch for a guy who just a season prior was throwing for thousands of yards. His team won the super bowl despite his unbelievably poor play.
  12. Thee jazz fan

    Thee jazz fan Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2010
    and picked Roy Williams over Fitz, a future HOF’er
  13. dalamon

    dalamon Well-Known Member 2018 Prediction Contest Winner

    Nov 5, 2010
    should have rided it out with Rubio. You ****ing hate to see it.
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  14. Jazzta

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    Jul 25, 2017

    NUMBERICA Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2010
    That’s a nope.
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  16. Wes Mantooth

    Wes Mantooth Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2015
    Im not advocating for it but I wonder if we signed Favors to the full MLE, if that would cure a lot of our woes. Backup 5. Even at the 4 some as with Bogey now, we could throw a Mitchell-Ingles-Bogey-Favors-Gobert lineup out there which is light years better than when Rubio was at the 1.
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  17. fishonjazz

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    Nov 4, 2010

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  18. Wes Mantooth

    Wes Mantooth Well-Known Member

    Jul 14, 2015
    With cap holds and all for other players, if Conley opts out (dream with me), how much cap space will we even have? Royce’s extension and Clarkson’s cap hold have to have put a hell of a dent in that.
  19. latin jazz

    latin jazz Well-Known Member

    Aug 6, 2013
    Most of those were franchise players/generational talents. Way more skilled than what Conley ever was. I have a different view of Duncan/Dirk decline. In my view they were still dominant until their early/mid 30s and were able to play at a decent level until they were 40. Kobe got ruined by the Achilles. Iverson could have played a bit longer but his ego got in the way.

    Nash? Yeah. He fell off a cliff with his back injuries.

    Conley just turned 32 and still looks pretty quick to me. He gets to his spots. But yeah, a serious injury at this stage could derail his career pretty quickly.
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  20. The Thriller

    The Thriller Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2010
    really? Conley looks quick to you? He looks pretty slow to me. Reminds me a lot of Trey Burke. He’s not quick enough to get around the guards of the NBA without a pick and is too short/unathletic to score inside. The only way he does score is with his outside shot, which is hovering in the mid 30s this year.

    I can’t be the only one to notice the similarities between Conley and Burke, right?
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