Dante scores 28 pts on 11-13(4-4 3pt) in 24 min

Wes Mantooth

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Ffs moron if you had half a brain you would know I’m very realistic about Exum and his failings. I just like the kid personally and find it weird that MVP has such an obsession with bagging him out at every single opportunity. At this point it’s flogging a dead horse so why bother
Cry harder, skell.


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And If Dante selfishly chucks up 30 shots a game like your overrated Mitchell he will easily average 25 points a game.
ah no he would get injured long term, his heart would fail, his arms would break and his spine would crack. he would still score 1pt. You can still be his lover though


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Dante had 7 points in 7 minutes in the first half. Game is almost over and...7 points 7 minutes played. Quin's fault