Elijah Millsap: Lindsey in exit interview: “if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black *** and send you back to Louisiana”.


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NO **** YOU.

Its people like him and people like you telling three year olds that it's okay to have a sex change.

SICKO ****
Where's the three year old who got a sex change? You think this is a thing that happens? Show one real world example.

You're fighting windmills, and even then you're losing.


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Where's the three year old who got a sex change? You think this is a thing that happens? Show one real world example.
The sicko crack head man that thinks hes a woman who is up for MENTAL HEALTH SECRETARY thinks this is okay, do you?

Wes Mantooth

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My main views:
1. What does Elijah have to gain from this? Absolutely nothing.

2. If he wanted to makeup a fake he said/she said story, couldn't he have thought of something much more damaging?

3. We know that DL has a fiery streak. Things can be said in the heat of the moment and exit interviews can get heated as they are very "real" moments.

4. Is what DL said that egregious? No, but if he's denying it then it just makes it look worse. Will we ever truly know if Quin doesn't speak up? No. Hell Quin might legitimately not remember. From the responses in this thread, you can tell white people don't consider that bad to the point that I don't think it would register to many.

At the end of the day you should probably just go ahead and fire DL immediately. He can be replaced and Utah already had shakey race relations. This could do a ton of damage to the org if the story stays in the media.

Best thing would be to own up and apologize. I think most players/people would accept that.

Quin would remember DL saying that.

Wes Mantooth

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honestly yall, whats more likely?

A guy is bitter about being in the NBA when he obviously had very little business doing so and I'm sure he is at least partially aware of this. If this was the case, why didnt he drop it on the Suns GM, who he only got to play two games for?


Someone in power abused their power and out of anger mistakenly used race power dynamics to intimidate a subordinate?

I'm in no way calling DL a racist, but racism isnt black/white (no pun intended). There are layers and we all must work to better understand these things. The ignorance shown in this thread is astounding.

Why did Michael Bennett do what he did? Guys make up stupid **** every day.