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Former Jazz players around the league

The Wolves waived Eric Paschal from his two way deal today. It's crazy the number of players from last season's roster that aren't in the league at the moment.
Good to see Rudy had a very good game tonight. I'll be rooting for him making the all star team again
Kinda funny reading all the positives from twolves fans on social media. The dude is a legit game changer. I miss him and will always root for him. And this stat is just plain embarrassing. Q and Spida should be ashamed. But I guess we wanted to be the Rockets and Chuck 3 balls all over cuz analytics or something something rather than work the ball in for easy lobs and put backs.

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Reading the Timberwolves subreddit is funny...Timberwolves fans are saying stuff about Rudy, AFTER JUST ONE GAME, that we've been saying forever (and people thought we were just crazy homers), like:
"...guys either just don't look at the rim or miss the easiest shots by a mile even when they look to be semi-open"
"SO many plays that don't show up on the stat sheet"
"He just won us this game. Just doing Rudy things."
"SGA would have scored 50 if Gobert and his long *** arms weren't clogging up the paint"
"I somehow underestimated how good he can be on this team"
"I'm crushing on Gobert"
"Gobert is a monster. Definitely going to be our best player this season accounting for both offensive and defensive impact"

OK, I'm done with my JazzAvenues impersonation...