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Former Jazz players around the league


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They do look better but if you look closer at those last games: they played them all at home, both Nuggets and Clippers were on a second game of B2B (Clippers sitting Kawhi and PG) and in their game against the Blazers Dame couldn't hit a shot and Nurkic fouled out in a middle of a 4th). Next one is Rockets but we will see after.
They got easy goings until January 25th, after which they dive into total schedule hell for their last 33(!) games.

Only 3 games against bottom 6 teams after that (1 vs Hornets, 1 vs Magic, 1 @Spurs) and like 22 of their last 33 are against teams with winning records.

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Yeah he has been a very solid supporting player (along with Simmons) enabling KD and Kyrie to carry them to those 12 consecutive wins, but this time he was bad.
Royce has been way better than solid. He's been fantastic in his role. Was an absolute steal for the Nets to get him with a late first. Perfect fit for their roster.


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He was traded to the Rockets in the offseason and they waived him right before the season started.
Why didn’t we offer him the MLE? Did I miss where DL got traded? I was assured he was still part of the process, and that he was still “100% personally invested in the future success of the Jazz.”

The strategy of “make you a consultant” is the executive version of the TPE. You trade your guy and assuage everyone’s fears about how “oh now we have a TPE we can use,” and all the media push the TPE value in all discussions, only to never mention it at all the next year when it quietly expires.

“Oh yes Dennis is getting promoted.”
“Dennis? Who’s Dennis?”