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Former Jazz players around the league

Honestly. that second clip with him passing is actually pretty bad.

EDIT: Also, I hope he comes to Utah and shoots 10 of those. That'll be an easy 10 defensive rebounds with only Kat down there
Yeah, I hate assist that end up in 3's. So bad.
I think in general the foreign guys that play in FIBA really enjoy it. It's always a little surprising for me how many of the biggest name games play each year. I think it is freeing for them. They get to do things in FIBA that they aren't allowed to in the NBA.
Many of them are small fish in the nba and probably enjoy being the big fish for these tournaments.
Canadian summer league?
I think it's called the Canadian Elite Basketball League. One of JWF's teammates on the Saskatchewan Rattlers is Maleek Benvlevi who played for the Stars for a couple of seasons. The league is about to wrap up so most players can head to more lucrative overseas gigs.