Hayward opted out

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What a disaster that was for him in Boston. He never developed into the man. He had bad injuries. He never came close to winning a title. Sure I guess the paycheck was nice.


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**** him and Danny Ainge. Nothing to show for that max contract and 3 miserable years. Well-deserved for both.
Agreed. And, it happens continually to all GM's even though we love evaluating our front office with with our perfect 20 20 hindsight vision.

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I hope that last minute decision making screwed the Celtics out of a deal they otherwise had lined up. Danny Aids is a plague.

Also, its unfortunate that the Celtics have cap space now. Boo them.


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and of course he needed the extra 2 days to make the decision. I doubt this really had any effect on Boston's decision making, but stuff like this is definitely nice to know going into the trade season / prior to the draft.
How do the Boston fans feel about him NOW?


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Here’s what is going on right now in the Hayward discussion: Hayward wants to play in his native Indiana and he has informed the Celtics of his desire to be traded there. He moved his family back to Fishers, Ind. (About 30 minutes from Bankers Life Field House) during the team’s stint in the NBA Bubble. He has enrolled his daughters in school there.


latin jazz

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Celtics getting greedy lol
Ainge always trying to squeeze other GMs. Greedy bastard. I guess half of the league GMs hang up the phone when they see his number.

The other day I was thinking about the Kyrie trade and how Cleveland got nothing for him (especially when you think about Jrue...)


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Hayward is not enough straight up for either Oladipo or Warren, let alone both. I probably would say no to Turner straight up, as well.

Lord Bullingdon

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Burks signed with the Knicks 1yr 6mil

If Hayward to Indiana is at a standstill could their be a Burks-Hayward reunion in NY???