I want apologies for all the Niang hate on this board!!!


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I'm no hater but he's a good trade asset to have if the jazz are truly serious about making a run this year. Besides it's just a regular season game. If it was the nba finals I'd be ecstatic.


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we praise him when he plays well and makes shots. we roast him when he doesn't. not sure if there's anything wrong with that or worth apologizing for. feel happy for him tonight though. a good game for him and a good win for us


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Niang has played good defense all year and consistently makes good decisions with the ball. The shot hasn't been there for him this year, but we really should have known that he was a better shooter than this. If he can shoot like he has for the past couple of years he's a really solid player for us.
Niang gets way too much hate. We need a guy like him who's not afraid to shoot the ball. He is also surprisingly pretty good when he gets opportunities in the paint.