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Its Time to Tank


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I don't like most NBA players style of play and tbh mostly the game is ugly most of the time, buts thats the modern NBA for you. All I can say at this point is Sexton is not why they lost these last 3.
He has a lot to do changing responsibility, from being a score first player in Cleveland, and more of a team oriented leader here. Maybe the odds are stacked against him if you beleive he is low IQ as you seem to think. I don't think thats what it is at all.

I agree with this which is why I ended up creating an account. I'm European (not Finnish ) and watch for entertainment rather than having a local team to support.

As you say, most NBA teams seem to play a rather ugly style in my opinion. Utah started off the season playing beautiful basketball. It's refreshing to watch a deep team sharing the ball and without a single dominant player.
This is what I'd rather watch, but not necessarily the path to a championship. Out of the entire league, Utah has been the most enjoyable to watch for me.

I don't blame Sexton for the recent losses, but I do still prefer to watch a different style of play from what he offers.

I digress though. Back to tanking chat.

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Got to Get Wemby into our Life
Sung to the tune of
Got to Get You into my life
By the Beatles
Jazz sucked, took a ride
Didn’t know what we would find there
Another road where maybe I
Could see another prospect there
Ohh, then I suddenly see you
Ooh, the Jazz really need you
Every single day of my life


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We’re slipping fast. We clearly don’t yet have enough talent as it stands to compete with the big boys.

It’s time to tank.

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We’re slipping fast. We clearly don’t yet have enough talent as it stands to compete with the big boys.

It’s time to tank.
Why? We're losing anyway. What do you suggest we do?

Anyway, for a return to our winning ways:
- Get Conley back ASAP
- Sexton and Vando to bench
- Kessler starts
- Increase passing / ball movement again
- Stop overswitching at the slightest hint of a screen - teams are hunting Olynyk and Sexton
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I agree. We’ve found out we have a lot of good players who have a lot of value. It’s going to be a ready-made team when we get Wembanyana. But we’ve got to go get a star and there’s only one way to do it. The whole point of blowing the Mitchell/gobert team up was to stop spinning our wheels and go get a real ****ing car.

MT Steve

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Tanking is stupid. If the Jazz are losing naturally like they are because Conley is such a glue piece, so be it. Sabotaging this team for a 14% chance at Wemby is just so ****ing dumb though.
Realistically, at this point it would be a hell of a lot lower than 14% even if they decided to go all in on the tank starting now.

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Getting to 8th gets us a 26.2% chance at a top-4 pick though. Just playing devils advocate.
It’s not just about Wemby… top 4 are good and I think there will be a fall of in the draft around 11-12… we’ll see how the draft takes shape as the season rolls on.

MT Steve

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It really isn’t. We could get to as high as 6th to be honest. Not with the way the team currently is constructed though. We are a playoff team if we don’t make any trades.
30 wins gets you 8th in a typical year.

This team isn't finishing 18-42 now after going 12-10 against by far the hardest quarter of their schedule.