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Jazz and Knicks discussing Donovan Mitchell trade per Shams Charania and Tony Jones


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Maybe. I’m convinced I’m gonna continue to lose some weight, get back into killer shape, and start dunking again.

I’ll be 47 on Sunday.

I’m down to 191.4. I wanna get to about 187-188 and am going to try to start doing Peleton, rowing, swimming and jogging here and there.


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We super-maxed the tank-a-thon strategy in the Gobert trade. Now, considering Mitchell, one recurring debate is maximizing unprotected picks (say 4) vs Barrett and say 2-3 unprotected picks. Ultra tank vs tank. Some have pointed out that we can always flip Barrett for 2 picks later on. While I fully like the ultra-tank strategy, I would just make the point that if the front office truly believes Barrett can evolve into a 3rd option on a championship team, then I am happy taking him so long as we receive at least 2-3 unprotected picks from the Knicks. Barrett and 4 unprotected picks would be great, but I don’t think we will get that


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Tanking should be a front office decision. As far as coaching goes, they can decided to emphasize young player development over winning with veterans - but that gets messy. Coaches should coach to win - players should play to win. Those two elements of a team should never actively try to lose.

If a front office is worried that a guy will help them win too many games instead of allowing the coach to develop young guys, then they should trade him for whatever they can get. You tank by bottoming out your talent level and then work to get the assets to build it back up again.

That’s what I think the Jazz are going to do.