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Jazz and Knicks discussing Donovan Mitchell trade per Shams Charania and Tony Jones


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Yeah but not all assets are created equal or pull equal value at the same point in time as any other point in time. Gotta be careful here. All it takes is a freak injury for the house of cards to come tumbling down.


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I'm sure Ainge enjoy his holidays he is on the good side of the deal. He set up a proce for Don. Match is match deal, if not Don is back and we can be competitive. Befire the deadline, some team will need him and they will have to accept Ainge terms. I agree with that no need to trade Don unless we got what we want.

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Tony is a Knick fan who covers the Jazz. He has been open about it for years.
I think you are understating his Knicks fandom. He had a twitter orgasm when they drafted Obi Toppin a few years ago. He LOVES the Knicks. Its always fun to listen to him and Spence Checketts - both Knicks fans- discuss this potential trade.