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Game Thread Nov 21, 2023 08:00PM MT: Jazz at Lakers (Tournament)

Added to Calendar: 11-21-23

Bottom line regarding the in-season tournament:
  • Win by 12 and we are almost guaranteed to make the top 8 (and could also eliminate the Lakers, albeit they still can get in)
  • Win by anything less than 12 and it depends on others (likely Phoenix, and how bad they beat Grizzlies and Blazers)
  • Lose and its over, but we get an extra week of practice few weeks from now
Go Jazz!
No reason to go on with this silly tournament.
We’re going to win this tournament and then pack it all up. Everything from 1978 until now has led to this point. Hang a banner and then do WTF after that, the rest of us go about our lives and just know we were the first tournament champions ever.
1st quarter is halfway over already and we haven’t seen a minute of it yet smh.