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Stupid Pet Peeves

I just watched the final trailer for The 3 Body Problem coming out on Netflix in a couple of days.

The book series was literally life altering for me. I haven't read a more impressive and impactful sci-fi story since I was an impressionable adolescent.

I was at first very excited that this was going to be made into a series. I was then horrified that it was going to be made by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss.

I literally cried when I watched the trailer, because it looks lame as ****. They are going to destroy a very great work... again.

I want David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to be punished for their crimes.

Anyway, in other news Shogun is absolutely fantastic. Watch that.
I have been through this already with The Dark Tower by Stephen King.
I read The Gunslinger in my early 20's. 25'ish years later and I have read 73 Stephen King novels (I believe he has written 78) including (of course) his 8 book saga The Dark Tower series.

If I had to guess there are probably like 60 movies and TV series based off King books. Yet for so long there was no Dark Tower movie or TV series despite most of King's books having elements of The Dark Tower in them.

Then I hear they are finally making a Dark Tower movie and get super excited. Then I watch it and it's simply horrible.

Good news is that there is a TV series being developed right now with a plan in place to do a tv season followed a movies and then more TV seasons and more movies.
Plus the show runner is Mike Flannigan who has already done two King adaptations (Gerald's game and doctor sleep) which he did a good job on. He also did The Haunting of House Hill and The Fall Of House Usher. So I'm very excited.

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When there is a piece of equipment that uses metric hardware but someone has made a modification to it and uses SAE hardware for the modification. That should be a criminal offense, going both ways of course.