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The Biden Administration and All Things Politics

This is a good reminder about the threat to our democracy that will define this fall:

In the interview, Trump once again promised to pardon the January 6 insurrectionists; once again, he vowed to use the Justice Department as his personal legal hit squad. He said he will prosecute Joe Biden, deport millions of people, and allow states with newly strict abortion regulations to monitor pregnant women. He will kneecap NATO and throw Ukraine to the Russians.

Trump told Time that he thinks people actually like it when he sounds like a dictator, and he’s not entirely wrong: As I’ve noted, much of his base loves talk of “vermin” and the idea of exacting revenge on other Americans. But there are two other important reasons that many people are not taking Trump seriously enough—and that Biden, a long-serving American politician, is struggling in the polls with an often incoherent would-be autocrat.

One problem has been around as long as the republic: Americans don’t pay attention to politics, and when they do, they frequently blame the current president for whatever is going wrong in their lives. For most people, economic cause and effect is mostly notional; if gas prices are high today, or if someone is still not working despite low unemployment rates, it’s because of the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Combine this with the peculiar amnesia that helps people forget how many Americans needlessly died of COVID while Trump talked about injecting bleach, and you have a population that fondly remembers how good they had it during a terrifying pandemic.

Americans had a hard time conceiving of a nuclear war until 1983, when ABC showed the made-for-television movie The Day After. The movie (as I wrote here) made an impact not because anyone thought a nuclear exchange would be a walk in the park but because no one could really get their head around what would happen if one took place. (That’s despite how thoroughly fears of nuclear war had otherwise permeated the culture.) The movie includes a stomach-churning scene of people watching a football game at a stadium, looking up to see the contrails of American missiles in the sky, and realizing that the world as they’ve known it would last for another 30 minutes at most. This was not Dr. Strangelove; it was a moment people could see happening to themselves.

We just don’t have a similar conceptualization for the end of democracy in America. I have not seen the film Civil War, but I’m not worried about another civil war—at least not the kind we had before. Rather, I’m worried about the gray fog of authoritarianism settling, in patches and pieces, across the United States. In 2021, my colleague George Packer tried to present a realistic scenario of democratic collapse; the next year, I wrote about what such a process might look like. But looking back, I see the limits of my imagination.

I did not, for example, think it possible that state troopers would stop women who might try to leave their state to seek an abortion. In his concurrence with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision that threw out Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh suggested that such travel bans on pregnant women might be unconstitutional, and no state has tried to enact one—yet. But I now view this as only one of many inhuman outrages that could come to pass if the federal government is overtaken by Trump and his authoritarian cronies and the state courts feel free, with Trump’s blessing, to ignore the Constitution. I can imagine state legislatures passing repressive laws and expelling any representatives who oppose them. And I can easily see the former president and right-wing governors attempting to use the U.S. military and the National Guard as their personal muscle.

Is this really what you want? I suspect that the closer we get to the election and the more people are paying attention and the more Trump talks, the more the electorate will be reminded of the stupidity, chaos, racism, sexism, and all around extreme authoritarianism that embodies Trump and the GOP. Remember, elections have consequences. So choose wisely, this election might be our last free and fair one if republicans get their way.
Meanwhile a big faction of Democrats are marching in the street spewing Jew hatred... Funded by Bidens biggest donors. Attacking WW1 monuments and other monuments in NYC . All while Bidens hate filled constituents openly hate mock and attack Christianity right in front of our faces and are proud of it. It's just weird how a big faction of Democrats historically have to cover their faces because they know how evil this is. Their grandparents, the KKK, especially. Again it's insulting as their entire party was founded off of white supremacy. Literally... Then these little anti-Christian pro hate people point the finger at Trump and people like me who do nothing but go to work, golf, and pay bills. You all see where Pro-Hamas people that a big faction of Democrats are aligning with went to the Holocaust memorial and accosted survivors? This is no different than what a big faction of Democrats are doing on our streets as the push their mental illness addiction of Trump on others. We now know why they want our guns... I mean in this very forum posters have said they want to put Trump supporters up against a wall and kill them. Many here thought that was hilarious. They aren't even hiding it.

In Bidens America... We can't even go to College graduations in fear of a antisemitism yet it's faction of uneducated and Christian and Jew hating voters are claiming Trump and me are the threat.... I have yet to see Trump supporters attacking Jews and closing schools. The threat to Democracy is right in front of our faces. Certain groups can't even go to school or hold graduations in Democrats America. That is insane.... I never thought I'd see the day and always wondered how Nazi Germany happened but there are some shades of it like Brown Shirts showing up to schools funded by George Soros to shut them down in sheer intimidation.

They have the audacity to blame Trump.
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Could you imagine if MTG said this? It would be plastered here for months. But nope it wasn't MTG so Democrats stay silent. They openly support their career racist Biden so it's not surprising they only care when MTG says stupid ****. I mean, between Biden's openly racist comments and hers it's borderline insulting that people can point at Trump while staying silent when their people say blatantly racist things or call black people boy.

View: https://x.com/AmandaSeptimo/status/1787584438668263793
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No one believes Dems are free from all prejudices. The difference is, they still have shame when they make mistakes and apologize when mistakes are made or else risk alienating their base while Republicans don’t. In fact, Republicans go out of their way to be racist, sexist, and blow off the rule of law because they know it scores pts with their base. One base is turned off by racial and sexual prejudices while one base is excited when their candidates demonstrate racial and sexual prejudices.

Let’s not forget, Trump regularly uses this rhetoric, the same rhetoric you’d find in Mein Kampf. What does it mean to destroy or poison the “blood of the country?”

View: https://youtu.be/aDQWgF5KMTw?feature=shared
No one believes Dems are free from all prejudices. The difference is, they still have shame when they make mistakes and apologize when mistakes are made or else risk alienating their base while Republicans don’t. In fact, Republicans go out of their way to be racist, sexist, and blow off the rule of law because they know it scores pts with their base. One base is turned off by racial and sexual prejudices while one base is excited when their candidates demonstrate racial and sexual prejudices.

Let’s not forget, Trump regularly uses this rhetoric, the same rhetoric you’d find in Mein Kampf. What does it mean to destroy or poison the “blood of the country?”

View: https://youtu.be/aDQWgF5KMTw?feature=shared

Didn't Obama set the record for most deportations in the history of the country? Faar more than Trump. You loved that...I've never heard Trump say Obama was the first articulate black person he's ever met. I've never heard Trump say that "unlike the black community the hispanic community is diverse". I've never heard Trump call a black person boy in which you, YOU even admit and I quote "Because, I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it was possible to live in America in 2019 and not know that calling a black person a “boy” was racist. The connection of whites demeaning blacks as “boys” has a long and extensive history going from slavery to Jim Crow to even President Obama. I can’t remember who it was but early in his career a white congressman referee to Obama as “boy” and it caused outrage among the African American community." now you point the finger at others? You're the biggest hypocrite imaginable.... If you really gave a damn about anything racism you would call racism out regardless not hide from and openly support it like you do. Then you have the audacity to blame Trump for your presidents blatant racism. I just couldn't imagine thinking Trump was a racist and openly supporting him like you do Biden. That's low. That says a lot about you and how you don't truly believe anything you say. How can anyone take you serious when you yourself openly support racism? You won't even address it and you hide from it. So please... With your two faced hypocrisy and double standards.... Racism is completely fine when it suits your agenda. You don't mean what you say. None of you do. You are obsessed with Trump that you throw your own morals out the window. One second calling a black person boy is just terible, the next you love it, support it, you cherish it. YOu are everything you accuse Trump and his supporters of... Except you say something is racist then you support it. If I thought Trump was racist I would have a backbone and call him out.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUvtLue_E7c

“Two of the great artists of our time representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip hop in America , LL Jay Cool J, uhhh…” he said as the crowd laughed at the gaffe.

"By the way that boy — that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs,” Biden added.
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What does “poison the blood of our country mean?”
Try being digitally literate for once... He's talking about the bad people.. It's pretty obvious... We have no clue who's coming in. We really don't. The fact that I have to explain this is mind boggling. Snopes explains it though they still try to make Trump a xenophobe.. You know, left leaning Snopes.

"Nobody has any idea where these people are coming from, and we know they come from prisons. We know they come from mental institutions [and] insane asylums. We know they're terrorists. Nobody has ever seen anything like we're witnessing right now. It is a very sad thing for our country. It's poisoning the blood of our country."
"All of the problems—the single biggest problem is heroin that pours across our southern border. It’s just pouring and destroying their youth. It’s poisoning the blood of their youth and plenty of other people. We have to have strong borders. We have to keep the drugs out of our country"

Now compare what Hitler said in your sheer melodramatic but insanely dangerous propaganda...

"In the north and in the south the poison of foreign races was eating into the body of our people, and even Vienna was steadily becoming more and more a non-German city." He's talking about race.... Trump is talking about the bad people bringing drugs.

Read Snopes explanation you and try to be more digitially literate...

We note, however, that despite the use of the xenophobic and inflammatory phrase "poisoning the blood" by both Hitler and Trump, they may not have meant precisely the same thing by it. It appears that Hitler was fundamentally claiming that an influx of "foreign blood" (i.e., that of non-Aryan races) had "poisoned the blood" of the German race through miscegenation. Trump, on the other hand, judging from his statements in both the National Pulse interview and the 2016 debate, appears to have been claiming that immigrants bring dangerous drugs and diseases across the southern border, and it is those which are "poisoning the blood" of Americans. What, exactly, Trump did mean to say remains unclear and difficult to parse.
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For the digitally literate... Here is Bidens Border Chief admitting there are legit threats... This is who Trump was obviously referring to.. We have no clue what threats are coming. Never once does Trump say all illegals are poisoning the blood. Everytime he says it, he's talking about the bad people we are letting in. This is so damn common sense it's scary.

US Border Patrol chief Jason Owens said the migrant crisis has become a serious “national security threat” as terrorists may be slipping across the border and smugglers “dictate” the flow into the US.

“They dictate what the flow is going to look like and we respond to it,” Owens said in an interview that aired on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday when asked if smugglers are “setting the rules of engagement.”

“That number is a large number, but what’s keeping me up at night is the 140,000 known got-aways, it’s not part of that,” he said, referring to the official count. “And that’s just what we know.

“That is a national security threat. Border security is a big piece of national security and if we don’t know who is coming into our country, and we don’t know what their intent is, that is a threat,” he continued. “They’re exploiting a vulnerability that’s on our border right now.”

The border chief noted that most of the encounters are with individuals who are turning themselves in and are fleeing dire economic conditions.

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Some valid criticisms. My fear is that the swamp is so big, there is no politician alive that could drain it, and very few that could slow down its growth.
The swamp being… Trump and his administration?

It’s sorta weird when people complain about DC being corrupt when the worst corruption I’ve seen in my lifetime comes from Maralago. Im sure every capitol city has lobbyists and corruption. But I’m not sure how many places have former presidents who have incited insurrections, stolen classified documents and lied about returning them, and attempted to overturn election results in states so they could stay in power.

Kinda weird what some of you are focusing on. Or choosing to not focus on.

“Drain the swamp?” Does that mean stopping a fraudulent university, charity, and preventing Saudi Arabia from giving billions to a son in law?

Does that mean enacting campaign finance reform? Ethical reform for the Supreme Court so they aren’t openly and bracingly taking bribes? Raising taxes on the wealthy?

Does that mean prosecuting Jan 6 Insurrectionists? Prosecuting former presidents who steal classified documents and lie about returning them? Enforcing the law against those who tried to overturn an election?
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Now I'm kind of stooping to Trump addicts level here who embarrassingly think rap video are real life and it's obvious the poop part was doctored but we all know he really did s* his pants. Every single one of us fathers have seen this face and stance. Even Jill knows this racist s* himself in front of the world.

View: https://x.com/w_terrence/status/1787580812398854402

Even his staff has to shade his little braindead shuffle and the geriatric is going into hiding.

WASHINGTON — As President Joe Biden ramps up his re-election effort, his campaign is also scaling back how much he says on the trail, part of a larger new strategy to hone a sharper message he’ll take into the general election, according to Biden aides
The less-is-more approach aims for quality over quantity when it comesto the president’s public appearances, aides said.

and sadly propaganda works on many who don’t know how to be digitally literate.
Can you explain what being digitally literate means please? Explain it in great detail please.

View: https://rumble.com/v4u0g9u-biden-loses-another-brutal-round-with-the-teleprompter-last-name.html

And before I get accosted for trolling I'm simply pointing out the sheer hypocrisy amongst some here. You wanna talk about being illiterate? Hold your president to the same standards you hold posters while you blatantly lie with no shame about MAGA6969. POTUS can't even read off a teleprompter nor in another scenario pronouns Romero calming here Romo and Romeo lol.
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Always nice to see MTG fail.

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They like sit the **** down while the adults are talking.
Always nice to see MTG fail.

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It's astonishing how obsessed you guys are with this broad. It's scary really. Please don't ever refer to others as cultist... It's getting embarrassing... The obsession with here is mind boggling. Nobody like her but you think about her every day of your lives.

"As Greene pressed ahead with the snap vote despite pushback from Republicans at the highest levels, including Trump, GOP lawmakers filtered towards Johnson, giving him pats on the back and grasping his shoulder to assure him of their support."
Damn weaponized justice system: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crim...1&cvid=b679117a4c91467ab940c61cce0960a2&ei=51

Also, it sure seems like judges (some even appointed by trump) in some of trumps other cases are dragging things out as slowly as possible for some reason............
It took a while to set in but even the judiciary has been “trumpified” by the hack judges he empowered. This is so dangerous. Whenever Repubs whine about corrupt judges and the law being politicized, they’re only projecting.

How do we fix this?

In my view, we need to do more to de-politicize the judiciary as much as possible.