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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

This is where you force Austin to make a decision before the Kyrie thing is settled. lakers really can’t offer Kyrie something competitive unless he risks hitting FA next year again. I think they can carve like 25ish million. Unless the mavs wanna play nice and do a sign and trade.

Either way… if they actually think they can get Kyrie as soon as you offer Reaves a deal then his caphold jumps and they have to pick. Throw 100M in front of him and tell him now or never. Then it’s Ky or Austin.
Exactly. Tie up their cap first first first thing and then they basically are out on getting both Reaves and Kyrie.

And since Reaves can’t make much more than the MLE re-signing directly with the Lakers, it doesn’t make sense for him to sit around and wait for things to settle and then re-sign with LA.

Yeah. I really wish we could have brought him back. I think this is actually a pretty huge thing for Atlanta. I think he's an assistant that can definitely say things and that he'd respect. I do wonder what would have happened had he not left. Would he have told Quin, "hey, we should probably look at giving some effort on the perimeter and not solely relying on Rudy. What do you think?" Or maybe he could teach him what the gambler's fallacy is or perhaps inform that that, even though someone shoots x% on threes, that's a composite of varying degrees of difficulty of shots, but if you leave them wide-open on threes, they're going to shoot x+y%.
Wizards look like they maybe going into a rebuild.

WASHINGTON — With the Washington Wizards underperforming and lacking a clear path back to national relevance, Ted Leonsis has decided to hire LA Clippers general manager Michael Winger, a lawyer by training who has experience dealing with superstar players, high-powered agents and the nuances of the collective bargaining agreement and salary cap.

Leonsis plans to give Winger wide latitude to expand and revamp the Wizards’ infrastructure — and potentially launch a full rebuild of the roster — said league sources who were granted anonymity because Winger’s hiring, though agreed to in principle, has not been made official yet.
If you're getting hired and you have the ability to do a rebuild, you usually do it because rebuilds give you the longest job security (typically)
No argument there. But they've been needing to tear it down for a while now. That No Trade on Beal's contract was a mistake. I can kind of get why they did it, but that screwed his value.