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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section


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And he hit the wrong dude. Why did he hit him anyway? Was he bored? Did he feel like he needed to pick up a T so he felt like he was contributing when in reality he just sucks? That's a head-scratcher for sure. Then he steps over his own guy, and then is looking around like an alzheimers patient who just had a moment of clarity and is trying to figure out where he is. What the **** is going on there?
Beverly is easily the biggest tool in the nba. He thinks he is some kind of star and tough guy but is really just a giant bitch. I'm so glad we don't have piece of crap on our team.


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Its funny how Kyrie is now their third best playmaking point guard option, behind O'Neale and Simmons.
Kyrie has never been much of a PG. He's another small scoring guard with fancy handles who can't defend. When he won a championship with Lebron it was LBJ who managed the game not Kyrie.

Even when he was in Boston, it was alot of Marcus Smart, Hayward, and even Horford managing the games.


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Ridiculous stat line on Ivica Zubac last night. 31 points (14/17 from the field, 3/3 from the line), 29 rebounds (12 offensive). 3 blocks too, and fouled out.

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The Hawks are really lucky the Wolves exist because they are getting mediocre results from the Dejounte Murray trade and they sold Huerter on a big discount.