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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

You know how sometimes players have trouble with wide-open shots and do better with at least a little pressure? At 7'4" Victor better get used to not having a hand in his face. He could also stand to take shots from closer to the 3-pt line.
A big guy using his height advantage to get an easier shot? That’s crazy…

Cmon man, it’s 2023! Big men are supposed to shoot nonstop from the half court line! /s

LOL one of the major issues I’ll never get over in the modern NBA is this insistence to always shoot the 3 ball. Get the easy 2? Nah, chuck up the 3. Get a guarantee dunk? Nah, let’s shoot this 3. Everyone wants to be Steph curry these days.
SAS isnt tanking... they are just bad. Pops is showing that this is not what he wants out of this team.

That makes two of us.