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The Non-Jazz NBA Thread in the Jazz Section

Wiseman is so wild to watch.

I forgot how big he is. Dude is a giant and moves so well. Has to be one of the worst ratios of tools to IQ in the NBA. He's like Whiteside without the elite shot blocking.

Pistons will be so much better when they get Grimes/Stewart in and they can stop playing Wiseman and guys like Brown Jr/Umude.
When the Pistons stop playing Troy Brown and Wiseman when they get Grimes and Stewart back, they will be a much better team.
Holy **** Norman Powell took a vicious elbow from Jalen Duren, the strongest looking dude in the NBA. Blood everywhere.
Tech made some money heading to Detroit... he gonna get like 25%+ more than he would have otherwise by putting up some bigger numbers.
I knew his minutes would go up, that's for sure

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In Wemby's point/rebound/block triple double he blocked both Poeltl and Barnes 4 times each. Toronto boxes looked AWFUL across the board really. Their 5 starters combined for 43 points with 54 FGA and 7 FT.

Also Ochai 1/8 for 2 points and Gradey Dick despite that hilarious airball layup was actually their best and most efficient scorer with 18 points on 70% FG (also 4-5 from 3).
Just read an article that said GG Jackson has been fined by the grizzlies 4 times and missed a game for bad team conduct. He was also confirmed to have poor draft workouts and was the player that got caught vaping in the locker room lol