The official "let's impeach Trump" thread


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One thing I needed to come back and add as a disclaimer is the importance of where Obama's support lay, and how important Kolomoiski funding a 20,000 person private militia was. Something that has often bothered me from the crowd drawn to this stuff is the inherent support of the Russians when pointing fingers at Obama for meddling in another country. I don't want anything I write to be read as condemnation of Obama or Clinton or Komoisky or anyone else backing the anti-Russian side. My issue is with Komoisky stealing a over a billion USD from US taxpayers and from Ukrainians. Questions need to be asked.

I mean, Kolomoisky got exiled until about 6 months ago and had his bank seized and nationalized. The PrivatBank scandal is the most covered domestic political issue in Ukraine, including the current round of ceasefire/peace negotiations with Russia.

I don't think it's fair to imply that no questions have been asked.

Now if we want to complain about Kolomoisky, let's talk about how he screwed up the airline system in Ukraine. Have you been on the runway in Odessa? UGH!


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If you don't like being told you're ignorant to people then stop being ignorant to people. I can't even read the Jazz forum without seeing you chase some member around with your incessant, snide remarks. Who was the most recent one you were tormenting there for political views here? Jazzsomethingorother.

I finally removed you from my ignore list a couple weeks ago but back on you go. I don't care to read that garbage.
You made a completely verifiably false allegation about me. You're trash.


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Making themselves part of the historical record with various attempts at something...

Comparing Trump to Jesus and impeachment to Pearl Harbour....

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Dick Cheney, AFAICT.

However, Cheney didn't try to trade US assets for personal gain, and did not otherwise abuse the power of his office beyond other (Vice-)Presidents, AFAICT.

Its not even close. Cheney is a far worse person. Yet, that guy got off easy compared to Trump.

Its things like that make me believe the Trump hate is out of control and way over blown.

You can find plenty of people on Youtube that think Trump is a worse person than Hitler. That just goes to show you how much impact the media is having on people's opinion about this. The media practically covered for Cheney a3md all his war crimes in comparison to how Trump is treated.