The official "let's impeach Trump" thread


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I haven't watched The Boys. Do you recommend it?

Regarding Trump, he clearly drives his haters insane. It seems like if he takes a policy position on anything that they are somehow compelled to rush in and take the opposite side. If he takes an action they cannot refrain from explaining to the world how it is the most corrupt and underhanded action ever taken in the history of humanity. It's the craziest mind-control trick that I've ever witnessed. I t's like The Carbanaro Effect to the one millionth power.
I thought Season 1 was excellent.

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Disgusting and unacceptable. Heads need to roll. I hope the Biden administration prosecutes Sessions, Nielsen, and others behind this decision. We should also have a closer look at the DHS. I know I know it’s criminal in our country to ever contemplate abolishing any government office. But what role does DHS serve? Is it really necessary or was it an overreaction to 9/11? What about ICE? Again, I know I’m just a mean leftist commie, but what standards do we have for law enforcement? Are there any? Are we cool with this?

As someone who works in education, it’s really frustrating to see how we’re singled out while other public workers are given a free pass. We’re literally blamed for child abuse because some schools are remote learning. Honestly, that’s been my one of the top excuses used to force schools open in Utah in that kids working from home end up neglected and abused. While those who actually commit child abuse go unpunished? Amazing. It’s all part of how our society devalues education by looking down upon educators with suspicion and animosity no matter their qualifications while worshipping law enforcement no matter how gross the crime committed. “bLuE lIvEs MaTtEr.”

Lastly, where’s the pro life movement on this issue? You’d think they’d be outraged at this obvious abuse. I mean, they chase down the Qanon sex trafficking rabbit holes while ignoring actual child abuse committed by actual Americans. Where are they? Don’t they recognize the leverage they have? Without (white) evangelicals, the power behind the pro life movement, Trump would have absolutely no chance at re-election. Why squander this leverage? Why continue to enable this criminal administration?
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