The R.I.P. Thread


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Robert Forster. Just saw him in El Camino, the Breaking Bad sequel. Also very good in Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.


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Vale Clive James, Australian intellectual (as contradictory as that sounds), author, poet and humorist. Made high culture cool, grew up watching his shows reading his articles, will be greatly missed.

from the guardian

"In 2014, he published the acclaimed valedictory poem Japanese Maple, which many took as a sign of his impending death. James said he had “confidently stated that when the maple tree in my garden turned to flame in autumn, that would be the end of me”, but he had been left in the awkward situation when “the tree turned red and I was still here, steadily turning red myself as I realised that I had written myself into a corner”."

His Conversations in the Library series used to be on his website, they are excellent and on a broad range of topics would highly recommend it.
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