The R.I.P. Thread


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Hauer had a great run in the early/mid 80's with three all-time classic bad guy roles.

Blade Runner
The Hitcher

His career sort of took a different direction after that - guess he didn't want to be type cast.


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Toni Morrison, author and 1993 Nobel laureate in literature (first African American woman to win), 1988 Pulitzer Prize winner for "Beloved" (which I just started on audiobook this morning in her honor), died yesterday, August 5, 2019, at the age of 88 of pneumonia complications.

Archie Moses

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Hard to believe that Eric Clapton never broke out and had a career after his Cream days. . .
Well, call me ignorant and slap me, Sally.


I had no idea that was Clapton (embarrassed to admit.) But damn, I could instantly see he was a gawd on the guitar in that video.