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Trade Rumors Involving the Jazz

I am trying to justify not getting on the treadmill right now since real news might break.

Is this just wishful thinking and I need to stop procrastinating and get my arse on the treadmill OR should I wait?
Been trying to find the link to this tweet for like 15min but can't, so y'all stuck with a pic. Sorry

Its going to be funny as **** when D'Lo is worse for the Lakers than Russ was.
Dlo is a much better fit playing off Lebron than Westbrick. I can see the Lakers having interest for more reasons than some manufactured excuse like a so called heated ham exchange.
If the Jazz are involved at all they should be getting both picks. One for taking back Russ and one for giving up Beasley and MIke. Anything short of that and I call bs on this trade rumor.
If all Danny gets is Westbrick and one first for Beasley and Mike that is the worst trade he has done in the history of Danny Ainge deals.