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WWIII, The Mother of all Oil Wars, Shaping Up


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In California, my political discussions evoke pretty strong condemnations of "oil" generally, more than any other. Most of the time I'm talking about desalination, water recycling (aka recovery and treatment).

Oil companies are not anybody's favorites.

Pharmaceutical companies rank next in rankness.

A few Mormons have heard the little ditty here:

"Yesterday as I was going down the stairs,
I saw a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today.
How I wish that man would go away."

For Americans, that man is Britain. British interests or influences.

I have sometimes referred to Oscar Wilde's clever spoof "The Importance of Being Earnest", regularly taken as directed at Victorian English society. I take it differently. Oscar Wilde has a broader view of the games people play, and a modern reincarnation in William J. Fulbright.

In the 1960s, Fulbright wrote a book entitled "The Arrogance of Power", which was hailed as a philosophy for a new world order. The thesis boiled down to the necessity for America to get in the damn back seat before we get blamed for wrecking the world bus.

Oscar Wilde was giving the same advice to the British elites regarding the Commonwealth. No way could Britain maintain world order by force of arms. Size, population, location. The world at large consists of people in love, like the ladies all in love with "Earnest" even though they didn't even know who he was.

The only possible way to project power from the British position is to pretend to be somebody else, somebody people will love, without bothering to know.

Financial interests use governments to project their influence.

A close look at the oil, and pharmaceutical industries brings up, necessarily, the same names as you will find in politics, the little band of untouchables.


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Speaking of carbon cartels........



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In this thread, which nominally describes the Ukrainian situation as a potential start, of a sort, for a WWIII, I postulate that the NATO push east is motivated, at the highest levels, by oil resources..

I knew a little about the events coincident with the creation of the Escalante-Grand Staircase "National Monument", a patent monument to government corruption at its worst. Few know, or could know the jparentage of President Clinton. He is a "bastard" in the technical sense,his father not being known by documentation. ( No paternity test)

A Clinton tie to the Rockefellers shows up, however it originates, in his actions as President. (Not to mention Arkansas Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller)

President Clinton spent two weeks at the Rockefeller ranch near Grand Teton National Park, and then traveled south to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, where he made the national monument declaration.

I had followed with interest for over a decade, the prospects of a Dutch coal development in the area. The Coal in the area represents a very high grade---clean---coal resource with enough coal to fuel a carbon economy globally for 500 years at present usage rates. Many mines in utah are related geologically. I asked people with Rockefeller connections, as geologists employed to locate resources, the question "Why?".

"We can't let them have that coal" was the answer.

Taking that to the bank, I say it is likely that the answer for pushing NATO east and removing Putin, a UN skeptic. We can't let Putin have that oil.

Besides, there's Climate Change and all that green stuff. Putin's media has been posting pics of mammoth tusks being pulled from the muck in the melted Arctic. Which means it's been warmer than now, for extended periods enough to let the area dry some more and let the grass grow deep. Inside the current interglacial warm period.

There's always a reason people lie.

There's always a reason politicians dance, tap dance or otherwise.

I'd say, for brevity's sake, it's not your ideals of a better world. It's the money.


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Today's report. Drum Roll, Year 262 Americans Fall to British Stage Play Political Drama........., day 84.

Recent articles in Foreign Affairs, about Ukraine/Russia. One calls for a quick settlement with unpleasant results. Russia does not withdraw from most areas occupied but accepts a militarized Western-allied Ukraine. Just stop shooting and bombing. Give us peace so we can make Ukraine a world military supply dump, and make Russia pay for it.

Ambrose Bierce is practically the prophet of war. "Peace, n. A Period of cheating in preparation for bigger wars." Not an exact quote there.

The other article dealt with the unthinkable. What if Russia wins?

The play staged began with a claim that whatever Russia did, we couldn't attack Russia. Joe Biden even said it would be OK if Russia took a slice of the Ukranian pie. But then Madeline Albright also told Saddam Hussein it would be OK for him to just take Bahrain.

I tell my friends, never count on the US for anything. Yah, the American Indians are OK on their Reservations today, but they have to live on socialist doles, and pay for licenses to hunt or fish. Fake Nations now, gambling dives.

The articles did note that any successor we could prop up in the Kremlin would probably have to continue the Putin claims about NATO and the need to protect Russia.

And oh, how they moaned about a destabilized nuclear power where nobody could really hold office for long.

All this lines up, like dots on a line, like geese on the wing, to a long-term reality that still stands between globalization and one-man global fascism on one hand, and a world still too national to be really civilized, as the British Commonwealth globalism aspires for.

I think that is a confession, from the Brits, that Ukraine was a bridge too far. For now. The West is mired in the Ukrainian muck even deeper than Putin's tanks.

Fact is, Zelensky himself has committed the fatal error, and gone all cocky and unmanageable already. He has outlawed opposition political parties that represent more than half of his own people and muzzled their media. If the Russians were to just put it all in reverse, and get out, he wouldn't win the next election.

The West can't live with either a Zelensky or a Putin running the world order. I'd say Xi, too, but everybody knows that now.
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As it seems now, a few facts point to this as a classic "Bowery War". I've explained that term before, but here it is in a nutshell. A kind of stage play. the Aztecs and their "tolerable neighbors" were a little "too good" to really care about some things. It was "fun" to have a good war, so long as it was just the little people with their necks on the block. They'd actually have parties in a bowery, for shade, with plenty of spirits and whatever for fun, The leaders of the warring "nations" all together for a good time, while the little people were run out on the field below to fight a "war".

People think there's a real fight, over oil or ideology, money or religion. But in reality there's just too many people with leaders too lazy to care to deal with all of them.

I've run out notions above about the British "Commonwealth" or global network. Maybe there is a competitor on the stage for real, but hey. They're all "globalists" Fascists, totalitarians, commies, whatever. They speak the same language of control over the people. they all have armies staffed by perhaps ignorant, perhaps idealistic, believers in crap They all have buddies in the businesses of war, making bullets, bombs, planes, tanks, ships, drones and more. Gotta run out some drills sometime, yah know. Use that stuff and make more.

We might have a few real believers in Marxism or "Capitalism", but not in leadership positions in important state actors.

It might be a game of "Kind of the Hill" or World Honcho. Likely, it's not ever going to get that abolute worldwide. Too many competitors. Even when you are the Honcho, you have helpers who might get too popular or too interested in running the store themselves.

Jesus said that was the case in religion, even in the "right" religion. The reason religions fail is because people want power, control, stuff. Call it sociopathy, a kind of fall from grace as a good human being, call it "The Devil" . Whatever you call it, it's human nature and it can't just be fixed authoritatively. God knows that. We have a chance individually if we will choose to try to do better, but we still fail. God knows we need help. God knows we won't take help generally.

We have to choose to take responsibility for our own actions, even while we seek help from Him.
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Incredible news we are not being told.

The Iran JCPOA or whatever, nuclear negotiations are on-going. We have chosen to let China and Russia take our place at the table. Biden's spokesperson just says our interests are not different from theirs, so why not let them do the deal.
A part of the "deal" is that Russia will buy the enriched uranium from Iran.

Black Rock CEO says the Russia/Ukraine war is the end of globalism, and we have no one blame but nationalists who love their own countries.

He's spinning a bit, of course. You just can't have a superpower with a populace that still believes in human rights. And you just can't really have world leaders who won't play the game by the rules. Your rules.

The oil crisis is deliberate, purposed.

And there's too many people.

Well, no. If it were not for the contest, the play, for global power, the population would explode to 10., maybe 20 Billion humans.

We are looking at another fake cold war, if not a real hot war.

Biden, whoever, might want to replace Putin, but it will be hard to get another who will not also be a threat, and a worse one at that.

Prior to this war, objective news made out Ukraine as a leading violator of human rights. Since 2014, claims and counterclaims of cruelty and torture, alleged on every side. There will be real nationalism, with real hatred for the other side, for decades. Generartions.

Japan, India, Pakistan, China and Europe are still buying Russian oil. We have been, and continue, shutting down our production. Hard to get information now.

When someone doesn't want you to know, and can actually prevent you from knowing, you know it has to be bad. A kind of violation of human rights, a denial of access to the facts. A political exercise to control. Not good.

Especially when the Honchos are actually still getting along "globally" while we fight, die ,or starve on the battlefield.
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Intelligence Today on the Ukraine War

No news is always bad news department:

India and China are building bridges. Egypt is going to India for wheat. Many European countries are still buying Russian oil, as is India, China, and Japan. News blackout, even in foreign media about the war. A Kiev suburb is retaken by Ukraine forces. Pics of Ukrainian torture of Russian POWs, not really "new" news. This has been a "thing" for years, on both sides.

An emerging reality is the BRICS coalition now being or becoming something that has an impact globally. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Spain(?). A cutoff of oil to some parts of the world like the US, which has it own but is being heavily restricted by government actions, actually means the US is being disproportionately affected. That is you. That is American voters. I surmise that means elections will still be ineffectual within the USA, or at least that is what is believed by political pros.

India is a wheat exporter. Wow. I didn't know that. I believed Brazil was a food supplier country, but India? Our local costs will make our Ag non competitive, for the first time since forever.

But you don't know that, and the news isn't looking for the story.

No news is the worst news.
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April 11. Is that something like double April fools day, or more like Apollo 11 hoax day?

Well, all that is more credible than today's news. No foolin'.

Donetsk separatists claim Mariupol is in their hands, the Azov Regiment'sleader dead. Some news sources (Spain's Communist Party news retailer, Lebanon's Hezbollah news, Iran.....) are calling Ukraine/Russia a proxy war, condemning NATO for aggressive and provocativ3e actions aimed at removing Putin. A lotof sources essentially validate this, even the nominally British/American mainstream CFR Foreign Policy rag, which today has three articles on how to take Putin down.

Biden is trying to bribe India's leadership into joining up, but actually India and China mended their fence last week, and both have signed up for more Russian oil. Russia has fixed the rjuble to a gold standard that makes it stable at about /82 ru per dollar. A cheap price for gold, and oil. The Russian cental bank has increased it's substantial gold reserves, and the Russian foreign account balance has actually risen, while Russia is rolling out a substantial alternative to the internet banking system that facilitates trade.

Meanwhile, Russia has revised it's military plan, from an original shock and awe tank caravan to Kiev, to encircling the Ukranian forces on the Donbas frontg and taking the Azov Regiment to annihilation.

Western media claims of various atrocities are being seriously challenged by proofs of fake charges. The Mariupol maternityh hospital was evacuated of real patients and made a military headquarters. The "citizens"found dead when Russia forces redployed were also a staged scene. Reports of British TV people in Ukrainee working on more fake news.

No foolin'. Who would believe anything in today's news.

A few facts drive the serious thinker to conclude this is a "Bowery War". ya know, something to mesmerize the masses in patriotism one way or another, and get folks to grab guns if not spears and go marching out to die for their country. With the patriotism of both sides just betrayed by the smug little honchos who are laughing at the show.

Those facts are that the Biden Administration authorized the Russian pipeline while calling Putin a thug and murderer last January, and then let Putin's ministers take our seat at the Iranian nuke negotiantion table, allowing Russia to buy the enriched JUranium, all while the news here is full of nuclear war fever alledging Putin is an irrational monster about to nuke us all to CO2. And then Biden did the Madeline Albright perimission by saying it would be alright for Russia to just take the Conbas. Just a little piece. But we haveto believe there's an oil crisis so we will go green.

nah, the Second Law of thermodynamics tells anyone, everyone with a brain, that electric stuff cannot be as efficient as direct use of energy on site. The internal combustion engine beats any electric power plant except nuclear power plants, and then there's the inefficiencies of each step in delivery or conversion. electric carswill always cost more CO2 than acombustion engine.

I try, but I just can't make up news as crazy as all this.
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Some "new", for me anyway, aspects of the Ukrainian war have come to my attention.

Critical supplies are a big issue. It's not just oil, or titanium. How about Neon?

We've been having a hard time getting computer components needed in our cars for some months, but now it comes out that Neon is one of the issues. Ukraine has a big share in Neon production..... in Mariupol and Odessa.

Mariupol is now largely in Russian hands...... the rubble, for whatever that's worth. A pair of very important steel plants still apparently in Ukranian hands. The city is drawn and quartered, so to speak, and reports of Ukranian forces surrendering because they're out of ammo and weapons. One British citizen is reported by british media as surroundering. They have him reporting that it's because he's out of ammo and had no choice.

I have reports, which I alledge come from our own "intelligence" services anonymously, that US and NATO personnel are in Odessa with a new missile technology we can't even talk about, and that they firede the missiles which hit th3e Russian ship, the flagship of the Black Sea fleet that is the main missle launcher there, with missiles capable of highly accurate tactical strikes on industrial or weapon-making sites. Nobody is telling the whole story, on either side.

Our intelligence services have been in Ukraine for years, guiding development of defensive forces and supplying advanced weapons for the job.

Iran and Hezbollah and various communist media retailers around the world---Spain especially, which I have linked to some of my sources are making this out to be a US/Russia war with Ukraine as the hapless victim. China and India and many South American countries with strong communist elements are all falling in with this view.

I'm still wondering how much truth there is in any news, and whether this war is mostly about breaking the US down. The Biden administration, whoever is in charge, is doing everything it takes to just sink us. We need to reject national involvement in other people's wars. We are in a critical disintegration of our economy.

Sources report that the oil spot market is being taken, bought and held, off the market. Oil ministersw around the world say there is no oil shortage in the tanks, just in the US supply chain. Russian energy is still going out, and the cash for Putin is still going in.

But we will have a shortage, and by summer we won't even have gasoline for our cars. Or computer chips for anything.

This is Biden's War against the USA.
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Late April already, more than two months.

Russia holds more than 80% of Luhansk and Donetz, areas including very strongly Ukranian sympathist included.

It increasingly looks like Russia will not move decisively to take much more of these areas and is focused on the defensive aspects of a campaign to end potential suppression of separatist areas where the native population is in fact at risk of genocide from the JUkrainian fascist government of Zelensky, which had in fact intended to obliterate, genocidally, the pro-Russian and ethnic Russian population there.

Here is a real authority on what we have done to support genocidal activities in Yugoslavia and now in Ukraine. That is the inference of military campaigns under NATO against "inconvenient people" in the way of NATO expansion.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X7Ng75e5gQ

The intent to advance NATO against Russia is the intent to control Russian resources. On behalf of fascist and corporate interests, in asserting a Western advantage in the UN.
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The Brit/Rock rag Foreign Affairs has a number of new articles about the future of Russia. Of course, in their world view, Russia or Putin is perhaps the single biggest problem with moving forward for either green ideology, global socialism, or International Cartel Dominance under the UN flag.

Removing Putin and putting in a compliant figurehead for Western oligarchs would be the objective here.

I have elsewhere noted the book by Fulbright in the 1960s, The Arrogance of Power which laid out a thesis for a second level of deceptive posturing in global power schemes. Of course, anyone who is seen by the unwashed masses as the cause of their troubles is in danger. In older times, people would rise up against kings, assault castles with pikes and maybe even get in and rage around the palace, sacking the place. That is the thing all successful sociopaths fear most. Being found out, being drawn and quartered and dragged in pieces around the town. That is something to avoid.

The British Foreign Office has generally found it possible to distract the mobs by pitting local groups particularly activated by local animosities against one another, and playing puppet master to both sides. This is a little more subtle than the old Aztec Bowery Wars. A Bowery War is where the kings of warmaking kingdoms get togeth3er in the shade of a a bowery on a hilltop overlooking a battlefield. They then command their warring armies to commence the show. They contrive to have no winners, just a little back and forth, losing a portion of the soldiers and taking some, for both sides, as slaves. The spoils of war.

The British Foreign Office adds a level of plausible denialbility, in having the warring kings stay in bunkers or go into hiding while the war progresses. The chiefs here are often deposed, blown to smithereens, or otherwise infamously expunged, but the puppet masters have new dupes waiting in the wings to run the next campaigns. The Brits sit in their posh City of London clubs and idly scheme to outmaneuver one another in corporate boardrooms.

The Brits have long tamed the American rebels with sophicated bankers like the Chase and Rockef3eller clubs. All "The Right People" of old New York and Boston society. We dance when the Brits pull the strings.

Willian J. Fulbright saw the danger of the US being the main global power, and proposed we take a back seat to some other dupe. The idea of China came to mind. Nixon went to see Mao. Maurice Strong went to live there and watch over the work. We opened China for business. All our corporations set up shop there.

The real global question is whether we will dance at the end of China's strings the way we do for Britain.

My thesis here is that our elites have sold us out, and even Britain is worried now. Russia is a side show, maybe. But it, and Putin, is the biggest problem to any single world power taking on the City of London.

I've been doing a global survey, looking at every corner for any possible game-changing development.

It looks to me like our deliberate provocation of NATO encroachment towards Russia is perhaps a bigger mistake than setting up China the way we set up Hitler in the 1930s. The whole damn world is looking at the Ukraine invasion as a Western-caused proxy war with Russia. Only a relatively few of the NATO countries are really gung ho about it, and most of that isw Britian itself.

A game changer is the Belt and road initiative. That's Brazil (and Venezuela, Argentina and Chile) for the big "B". in BRICS. Russia, India, China. The big S is South Africa. All regional leaders.

We are literally taking down the USA as overt world leader right now. Not really a good idea. Not running around the world dropping bombs would be a good thing, but letting the world go entirely fascist is not good either.
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