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Zaire Wade signing with SLC Stars

Saint Cy of JFC

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It was a stacked high school team, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t getting minutes at all by the end of the year. If you can’t earn minutes on Sierra Canyon you probably can’t earn them playing for the Stars.
OK, but when you say he came off the bench, it's not like he was playing for your average local team. This is probably more about him practicing with pros and being a pro.


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So was he looking at colleges at all? WTF is PGAB when you need him?

Thee Idiotic Minivan K

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Wade and his son in one on one action. Zaire is a Complains and let’s the excuses fly a ton while daddy is trying to teach his son some lessons in toughness



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He will sell some tickets which is the entire point.

It’s better than the nepotism that is already rampant in the league/every other large organization. A G-League spot is harmless. Nepotism hires getting into major decision making roles is actually something that would worry me.

Side note: We did hire DL’s kid. He played college hoops so he has qualifications. At least he’s not just a legacy Ivy League student.