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Golf swing has been tweaked and now I'm driving nice and straight. I'm just going to quit my job and join the tour.

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Went on Saturday out here in Stansbury. Back 9 hole 16. Par 3, roughly 180 yards and this was my first shot.



Thats rough. Specially if you've never had a hole in one before.

I got about that close (probly 2 inches further out) the other day, wouldve been my 3rd hole in one #straightupbrag

UGLI baby

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Trout, after you teach PoKeMon how to do the tax frauds can you teach me how to hit a golf ball over them mountains?


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I used to love playing golf growing up. I used to be a monster off the tee, but never could figure out the short game. I have many 360+ drives and have driven or over-shot many par 4's in my day.

Now a days? I hate golf. I don't have the patience or time to get better, so it just becomes a frustrating couple of hours. I went once or twice last year against my better judgement, and I am not planning on ever playing again. I truly do loath it.

Buuuuuull Shiiiiiiz.

I love golf. Favorite sport to play. Im a 1 handicap and my goal is to be scratch by the end of this Summer.

Anybody watching The Masters? My favorite sports event of the year.

Dude, you've seen me. I'm 6'3" and used to walk around at 250lbs. I swing over 125 MPH. I've overshot par 4's at Parkway, and Old Mill and I was banned from using my driver at Mick Riley because 8 out of 10 would clear their fence and end up on the course. I've maybe swung my driver 10x in the last 12 months and I'm positive I could out-drive anyone here. I've been in two long drive contests, but never placed because I couldn't hit the bastage straight.

Golf sucks, btw.

I would like to purchase a ticket to watch Trout try and drive it 360 + for $1,000 please.

Ive known probably 2 people that could drive the ball that far, so if you can, I'm truly impressed.

Played my first round of the season at Hidden Valley yesterday. It was brutal. Probably the worst I have played in 5 years.

Whatever happened to this?

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How much you wanna bet Trout can hit the golf ball over one of them mountains?

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