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Darkwing Duck

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Leadbetter...didn't he win back to back to back AAU national championships?

Anyway, I like the random commentaries on my swing. Comparing to Furyk was unexpected. I AM aware of the peculiarities of my swing. In fact, now it's story time.

Got into golf around 13 years old or so. I suppose Nick Price was the first golfer I could point out and watch and root for on TV. Of course, starting out as the standard duffer upgrading into serial slicer in college, I made the best decision of my golfing life, and took a golf course. Learned about rotational forces put on a golf ball that causes it to drift sideways. Concept made sense to me. The issue was my backswing back then was the "best" part of my swing insofar as it being repeatable and smooth. A lot of beginner golfers force the backswing really hard, making it unrepeatable. Downside is what you see, sprayed out elbow forcing club at top of backswing not to face target.

So instead of changing backswing, I adjust elbow as part of downswing. Reconstructed my downswing to be on plane or inside plane on impact, giving me a draw. Thus, in my mid 20s, when I worked a job where I had most Tuesdays off, I went golfing most weeks and could knock out 18 holes in 3 hours. Gave me the consistency to hit 240 3 wood draws on most holes and not be an incompetent putter, just bad, lining me up to break 80 a few times. Broke par once on 9 holes, though that barely counted given the 400 year par 5s.

Haven't played much the last few years, so it's nice to get out and not duff any shots, only do higher level mistakes like double crosses and the like.

And that's my story.

so far.