How does it feel to be the best team in the NBA?!

Archie Moses

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Sloan was still the coach during Okur's pick-and-pop 3s, IIRC.

Back in the 90s, almost no one was converting 3s at a reasonable rate. I think we shot something like 20% on 3s in the 98 Finals.

MOre than anything else, Sloan wanted to win, and he would have been fine taking tons of 3s if it were winning basketball.
That's nice to think but not what I think Sloan would do. Okur and what the Jazz are doing now are not comparable imo.

I do agree that Sloan wanted to win but you negate how he thought winning was done by.


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And the Jazz won all those games...

Other teams focusing on Clarkson is a win for the Jazz.

The Jazz have 7 40% 3pt shooters. Until teams can shut all of them down in the same game they are ****ed. Good luck NBA, you're gonna need it!
Wtf are you talking about? They lost all 3 games. We were talking about last seasons playoff series between Utah and Denver, moron.


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I'm talking about how awesome the jazz are.

This is one of those situations where my reaction would generally be to say something like "oh, my bad. I didn't read the post you were responding to." But based on you being a ****ing ******* my response instead is

Go **** yourself.

Have a nice day.

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If you had your gameface on you wouldn't have said, "have a nice day". You gotta take this **** seriously, man.


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