only one thing can save us in these trying times...


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With all due respect to the Red Churro of Light, heat, and life, we do not need saving.

<classy intensifies>

Oh yeah, eff the rockets.


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Churro worship is wrong and it always comes back to bite us. Retire the Churro.
We did. Just like you and a few others asked. Yet here we are with the most improbable path to a first round meeting with Houston. You don't need the churro to retire. You need the churro to come out of retirement. Did you tell Jordan to go back into retirement after the Bulls got bounced in the second round?

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The Churro has called us to repentance through a series of improbable events... If you cannot see the signs and repent then you deserve what is coming. I never strayed but wandered in the wilderness as the wickedness of those that did not believe in the churro was too much to endure. Now is the time to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself... Do you believe in a magical churro? I know I do.